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'Medium' Psychic explains her trade

Allison DuBois, the inspiration for NBC's hit show, talks to Scarborough
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Last week, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough sat down with Allison DuBois, the psychic on whom the NBC hit show 'Medium' is based.  Even though she acknowledges that there are many skeptics of her work, she claims her work helps many people. 

To read an excerpt of the conversation between DuBois and Scarborough, continue to the text below. To watch the video, click on the "Launch" button to the right. DuBois begins the interview by explaining to Scarborough how she helped her daughter through a scary spot.

ALLISON DUBOIS, PSYCHIC:  We explained to her who he is first, because she had never really met him.  And once she knew that it was her daddy's daddy, she was more OK with that.  And she said, OK, well, just tell him not to scare me anymore. 

And I said OK.  So, I just had a few words.  And she never had a problem with that again.  And that daughter is now 11, for me, my oldest.  And I used to do readings in our old house in my office.  And I had a child that was murdered that I brought through.  And my daughter woke up and she was really aggravated.

And I said, what is the matter?  And she said, there is a little girl in my room.  And she described her.  And she's like, what does she want?  And I said, you know, honey, she was abducted and murdered and she just feels comfortable here.  And she said, well, that's fine.  As long as she doesn't wake me up, I guess it's OK.

So, you know, she is OK with it now.  She understands that there is no harm intended and that it's a comfort thing and they're just saying hello.  So, as long as they don't wake her up, she's good.

SCARBOROUGH:  Any final message that you want to get out to people tonight? 

DUBOIS:  I think the most important thing for people to understand about people who have passed is, they don't know always need a medium to connect them with a person.  Just talk to them.  They hear you.  They just want you to acknowledge them.  And the more you acknowledge them, the stronger your connection to them becomes and the more you experience yourself. 

I like to get people in a place where they can know that the person is there, without needing somebody like me to necessarily confirm it, but to feel it themselves.  And I think-I think a lot of people have that experience all the time.  I'm just validation for them.  That's all.

So, once people can grasp that they are not really gone and they are here with us not because they're bound out of guilt, but because they're bound out of love and they just want to be still be a part of our lives, I think it gives them a great deal of comfort and eases their mind.  And, so, I hope people go away with that night tonight.

SCARBOROUGH:  So, our relatives that pass on can hear us? 

DUBOIS:  Yes.  They can hear you.  They don't bother you when...

SCARBOROUGH:  Even when we, like, say bad things about them after they pass?  So, we have to be careful about what we say even after they have departed? 

DUBOIS:  You know, I have done that.  I have absolutely done that.

And I covered my mouth and was like, oops.  But, yes, they understand it.  And they actually have quite a great sense of humor where they're at.  And they don't fault us for that.  They just want us to know that they are still a part of us.  People who are named after other relatives, that relative you're named after tends to hang around, too, because they feel connected to you. 

So, there's many different reasons for them to be around, but the majority of them are just here out of love and amusement and wanting to share in your celebrations in life and how proud they are of what you have become.  So, it's nice.