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Williams Wins By A Landslide

A grassroots victory. How did an Independent beat a long time Demorcate for Youngstown Mayor? 21 News tells you.
/ Source: WFMJ-TV

How did Jay Williams, a political new comer, so handily defeat long time state Senator Bob Hagan for Mayor? Many are not surprised that Jay Williams won but most are surprised by how wide a margin of victory he enjoyed.

"If you win by ten points it's a landslide and it was 52 to 39 if we consider head to head with Bob Hagan," says 21 News Political Analyst Dr. William Binning. "So in political science talk that's a landslide."

Taking the city geographically, the breakdown of the vote shows how strong Williams was. Its not surprising he won the Eastside, in the first and second wards, he won by over 70%.

On the Southside the margin of victory is much smaller, but many voters in the predominately white seventh ward had to have voted for Williams to win that side of town.

In the Northside, Hagan lost by an almost three to one margin.

Only on the Westside did Hagan win and then it was not by nearly enough votes to turn the tide.

It appears there was a silent majority out there voting for Williams.

"Here was somebody who has a grass roots organization that was not out there publicly," says Bertram DeSouza with the Vindicator. "This was below the radar screen, nobody knew this was happening."

Dr. Binning says the key was Williams being able to not only appeal across racial lines to many of Youngstown's white voters, but also getting a large African American turnout.

Undoubtedly the victory is sweet but, like all newly elected mayors, Williams will have to prove himself after he takes over the mayor's office.