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What's on the show Wednesday

It was an interesting election night, one in which the Democrats came out, for the most part, on top.  But is this a the start of a renewed love affair with that party, or just a one night stand?

It all depends on what blogs you read.  The liberals say last night was the beginning of the end for the GOP.  Conservatives are just yawning.

The blog Blue Jersey is saying it was a big night for democrats in their state.  Corzine won, and the Democrats won six mayoral races and added two new seats on the State Assembly.

Blogs for Bush, though, points out that New Jersey had a Democratic governor before and has one again.  It isn't a loss for the Republicans, nor is it a gain for the Democrats.

Same deal in Virginia, of course, where the Democrat Tim Kaine beat Republican Jerry Kilgore.  Not a loss and not a gain, but maybe a sign of things to come?

At Below the Beltway, a blogger points out that Kaine campaigned as a moderate with strong religious values.  He's a Catholic.  This could be the way for democrats to get a foothold in the South.

The blogger at Outside the Beltway doesn't think it's a harbinger of doom for the GOP.  Kaine's win doesn't mean the Democrats win in 2008, just like Republican Mike Bloomberg's win doesn't make New York a red state.

And bad news for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  All four of his ballot measures went down in flames. One of those measures included rolling back the power of the nurses union.
Well, those nurses showed up at his election night party with this roasted pig to symbolize corporate greed.  Attacking nurses, teachers and firemen is not exactly cool, Arnold.

Conservatives were disappointed by the rejection of reform measures in California, but they scored a gain in Texas, where voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional ban on gay marriage.

Legal blogger Jeralyn Merritt at Talk Left thinks this sets a dangerous precedent.  She fears that decreasing the power of the judiciary in these matters is an abuse of the constitutional process.

Conservatives see it as a way to curb the power activist judges. 

Today, more election night wrap up.  Then a look at the war on terror--are we winning?  Later, are oil companies robbing us blind?  And I will interview the wife of a soldier who started a Project Valour I-T.  It is one of the greatest charities I have heard about.  The group sends voice-activated computers to soldiers who have lost the use of their hands, to help them stay productive and in touch with loved ones.  Way to go, guy.  Good idea, and I will share it with you today.

Tune in.

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