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House for sale, bride included

Woman offers two-for-one package deal online
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A house does not make a home.  It’s the tailor-made details that made homes stand out from the others on the block: The lofted ceilings with vintage chandeliers, the creaky spiral staircase that leads to a garden roof deck, the built-in book cases that cover a wall in the living room.

But one home now on the market comes with a built-in wife. 

That’s the package deal proposed by 48-year-old Deborah Hale, a woman looking for the man of her dreams.  And one of her dreams is that maybe he‘ll buy her house from her, too. 

While Hale runs a jewelry business in Albuquerque.  She also owns a 95-year-old house in the Washington Park section of Denver.  She has put up her own Web site,, to sell the house for $600,000. 

Countdown host Keith Olbermann sat down with the wannabe bride-to-be to discuss her special offer.

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KEITH OLBERMANN, COUNTDOWN HOST: Let‘s clear up what I assume is the biggest misunderstanding here.  You‘re not actually auctioning yourself off, right?  What are you doing? 

DEBORAH HALE, SELLING HOUSE, BRIDE INCLUDED: Yes, I‘m not selling myself.  The house is listed for the fair market value, and for the right man, which I hope to meet my soul-mate out there, I could become part of that deal.  But, again, I want to clarify, it‘s not an automatic thing.  It has to be based on compatibility, dating, all of those factors. 

OLBERMANN: But linking yourself with the house in terms of publicity, and again, I‘m assuming both items are available separately, so to speak, you‘re not going to throw out some ideal man because he doesn‘t want to buy the house, right? 

HALE: That‘s true.  That‘s true.  It‘s a wonderful home.  And there may be a family out there, there may be a couple who is interested in the home.  And certainly, I‘m open to that.  At the same time, there might be some wonderful man out there who is not interested in the home.  I mean, not interested in a home but interested in me and doesn‘t have the money for the home and I‘m also open to that.  I‘m willing to go down this path and being open to the possibilities. 

OLBERMANN: Yes, it probably would help if by this part or this time in life that the guy had his own house. But what have the responses been like so far?  What has the reaction to this been like? 

HALE: Well, it‘s been pretty interesting.  I honestly didn‘t expect this kind of response.  It started as a small little Albuquerque story.  And I‘m just a little gal from Albuquerque.  And my Web site is getting about 15,000 hits an hour, and I have a few thousand e-mails to go through.  So reactions have been very positive. 

I‘ve had very nice e-mails from women too who understand, as you get older, how difficult it is to meet that guy out there.  You have women out there having their own careers, making their own money.  They may be raising children and it‘s tough.  It‘s very, very tough to meet an older, single man around your age.  So I‘ve been getting a lot of support and some very nice e-mails from men as well. 

OLBERMANN: So being on television for three or four minutes might not provide quite the opportunity for would-be soul-mates to find out about you in depth, but if you want to take advantage of this, you are getting several hundred thousand people here all at once.  Do you want to give them a quick self-description of Deborah Hale or something resembling?

HALE: A pitch?

OLBERMANN: A sales brochure or a pitch, yes. 

HALE: A pitch.  Well, there‘s quite a bit on my Web site.  I‘m 48.  I was raised in a really great home.  My father is a minister.  I love pets.  I love children.  I feel like I‘m adventurous.  I‘m an OK cook, trying to get better all the time.  I would love to meet a man who can cook. 

OLBERMANN: Good luck on that, by the way. 

HALE: Pardon me? 

OLBERMANN: Good luck on meeting a man that can cook. 

HALE: Yes.  You never know, I might get lucky. 

OLBERMANN: And since we‘re offering both of these things up, so to speak, what about the house?  Is this a vintage house, an antique house?  How would it be described? 

HALE: Yes, it‘s a beautiful home, Keith.  It‘s 95-years-old, as you said.  It‘s got the hardwood floors.  It‘s all brick.  Well-built.  Three bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.  Hot tub in the back.  And some of the furnishings are included.  There‘s a big-screen TV.  There‘s a game room, which has the pool table.  And it‘s just a beautiful home — a lot of original features.  When I was remodeling it, I went to the library to look up that style of home and how to used to look.  I tried to add some of those features back in.  So it‘s just a beautiful home.  A very cozy home. 

OLBERMANN: But the big screen TV and the tanning bed are not original to the house, is that correct? 

HALE: That‘s true. 

OLBERMANN: I just want to get all the details right.  We don‘t want to mislead anybody or get the National Association of Realtors involved.  Deborah Hale, who brings a whole new meaning here to the phrase “market value,” all the best with this.  It sounds like an innovative idea. 

HALE: Yes, it was certainly — yes, I guess it was a creative idea.