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Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser's 5 daily non-negotiables

Kaiser spoke to Know Your Value about her daily must-do's to help manage her hectic schedule and find mind-body balance.
Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser.
Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser.Duke Loren

Anna Kaiser doesn’t have a lot of free time. Between planning to open 300 dance-based fitness studios under her trademark brand AKT, serving as a personal trainer to the likes of Shakira and Karli Kloss and mothering a 2-year-old, Kaiser’s time is extremely valuable.

Yet, she still makes time for the very important stuff, the non-negotiables that keep her centered throughout her busy day. She recently shared her daily must-do’s with MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian:

1. Spend morning time with her child.

Kaiser deliberately factors in family time with her 2-year-old son Brooks. She works all week, so she cherishes morning time specifically.

“I need to wake up and spend time with the baby, because that definitely sets up my day, and then I don't feel as guilty and I can check in with him,” Kaiser told Vossoughian.

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2. Put everything in the calendar.

In order to make room for everything on her busy schedule, Kaiser sticks all her obligations on her calendar. A to-do list, she said, would only create a confusing backlog.

“Instead of making a to-do list, I put my to-dos in my calendar so that I know I've made time for all of them and they don't fall by the wayside,” she said.

3. Be at the studio every day.

Kaiser visits an AKT studio every day, even though she could manage the fitness empire remotely. Not only is it good optics, but it helps her stay in touch with what her brand needs.

“I just love being there. It's really an important part of my life, the touch and feel, the brand, the community, the clients, and get the energy back from them, and then also refocus what I need to focus on with the business as a whole.”

Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser.Duke Loren

4. Stay active.

Kaiser works out every day, even when she’s on vacation. It’s important for her brand, but it’s also crucial for her mental state.

“I need to be active. I just need to,” she said. “Sometimes it's a mental game where I have to tell myself to do it, because I know that afterwards it's going to be worth it.”

5) Truly relax at the end of the day.

When it comes to the end of the day, Kaiser turns it all off, stops working, and unwinds. This helps keeps her sane, but it also helps solidify her bond with Brooks.

“It helps a lot,” she said. “I can never spend enough time with him.”