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Julep CEO Jane Park talks beauty and confidence

A conversation with Jane Park Founder and CEO Julep Beauty, Inc. and Mika Brzezinski on finding your voice and asking questions to challenge workplace culture.

When talking about beauty, it’s easy to write off makeup and skincare as frivolous or an exercise in vanity. But Julep CEO and Founder, Jane Park, knows that makeup carries a much deeper meaning. It can be used to build confidence and challenge women to take risks – both on a physical and an emotional level.

Jane started Julep with a vision that beauty can be a fun and fearless experience for all women. A pioneer in Korean Beauty before it became a trend in America, Jane is inspiring women everywhere to step outside of their comfort zone and find their voice.

A former BCG and Starbucks Executive, Jane harnessed her drive and focus (and years of experience) to raise over $30 million in funding from some of the most prestigious venture funds in Silicon Valley. She was able to turn Julep into one of the fastest growing beauty brands. But along the way, she learned from each ‘no.’

After immigrating to Canada from South Korea at age four and being unable to communicate with her classmates, Jane still remembers the sense of not having a voice.

She recently sat down with Mika to discuss how her personal experience led to her focus on empowering women through Julep. She also described her newest initiative, Check First. It’s a tool aimed at changing corporate culture by emboldening women to ask new and direct questions during negotiations.