Here are Tracy Anderson's 'non-negotiable' daily to-dos

Tracy Anderson speaks at the Know Your Value conference in New York City on Oct. 30.
Tracy Anderson speaks at the Know Your Value conference in New York City on Oct. 30.Anthony Scutro/Miller Hawkins

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By Emma Margolin

Everyone knows (even if they don’t want to admit it) that regular exercise is good for you. But when you’re hustling – whether it’s trying to climb that corporate ladder, get the kids ready for school or, in many cases, both – sometimes you just can’t fit the gym into your busy day.

But health and fitness guru Tracy Anderson wants to break you of that mindset. The author, trainer and founder of the Tracy Anderson Method sees exercise as not only good for the body, but essential for personal and professional success.

“When you show up for yourself every day, you get tasks done faster, you alleviate the signs and symptoms of stress, confusion, lack of energy. You feel more balanced and in proportion for yourself,” said Anderson backstage Monday at Mika Brzezinski’s Know Your Value event in New York City.

You want to be your most balanced, your most unique self so your body functions in an optimized condition."

Tracy Anderson

It’s no surprise, then, that exercise is one of the things Anderson considers “non-negotiable” in her day.

What else has a permanent spot on her daily to-do list? For one, taking time to connect with the most important people in her life – in her case, her two kids. Another major thing Anderson tries to focus on every day is taking time to slow down and process the world around her so that she can make smarter choices for herself, her business and her family.

“Every decision that you make out of pressure or urgency, you’re going to have to live with that,” Anderson said. “I think that if you slow yourself down and put your thinking cap on and don’t feel so much of the sense of urgency that people impose on you, you’ll make better decisions.”