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In the know: Women in the news 11/10-11/15

A weekly roundup of women in the news
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This woman just accepted the hardest job in tech: Reining in Elon Musk

Step aside, Elon Musk. Robyn Denholm has replaced Musk as Tesla’s board chair following Musk’s recent settlement with the SEC over allegations that he committed fraud. Musk remains Tesla’s CEO, so he’ll be reporting to Denholm for the foreseeable future. Prior to taking over Musk’s role, Denholm was a Tesla board member, chief financial officer of Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company and was a former Toyota employee.

#ThisIsNotConsent: Women posting pictures of their underwear after Cork Rape Trial

Hundreds of women are sharing photos of their underwear on social media to protest an Irish lawyer who reportedly brought up the type of underwear a teenager was wearing while defending the man accused of raping her. The trial resulted in a not-guilty verdict. Women participating in the viral social media campaign are using the hashtag #ThisIsNotConsent. Susan Dillon, who runs the Irish Twitter account “I Believe Her,” said of the movement, “If a jury is a representative sample of the population, then it’s clear we have some work to do to dispel this archaic myth that clothing invites rape.”

How Michelle Obama overcame her insecurities to discover her true purpose as first lady

In her new book, “Becoming,” Michelle Obama revealed that she felt “overwhelmed,” “unworthy” and “uncertain of her purpose” when she became the country’s first African-American first lady. But after seeing a performance at an all-girls school in London a few months into her new role, she realized that, despite her own uncertainty, being first lady would allow her to open doors for people like her. “Their faces were hopeful, and now so was I,” she wrote. “For me it was a strange quiet revelation: They were me, as I’d once been. And I was them, as they could be.”

The Lamoureux twins named to Forbes 30 Under 30

Know Your Value contributors and U.S. Women’s Hockey Olympic gold medalists Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson and Monique Lamoureux-Morando were named to the Forbes magazine's 30 Under 30: Sports List for 2019. In addition to their leadership in the rink, the twin sisters have been strong advocates for gender equity. “What we strive for is to make USA Hockey a better place, to make the US national team and the program better,” Lamoureux-Davidson previously told Know Your Value. “But outside of that, it’s having a positive impact and using this platform that we’re fortunate to have to impact so many more people beyond hockey.”

Meet the woman dedicated to making activewear for women of all sizes

Many activewear brands ignore plus-size women. That’s why Lucy Arnold created an all-inclusive fitness brand to offer a larger range of sizes. “We live in a society that is constantly telling us that we need to be unhappy with our bodies—we need to be skinnier, but still have curves— it’s ridiculous,” Arnold , owner of Lucy Locket Loves, told Metro News. “We want to help everybody, whatever the journey they are on and wherever they are.”