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In the Know: Women in the news 7/9-7/13

A weekly media round-up of women in the news. Stay up to date on how women are being talked about on a national and global level.
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Amanda Seales Opens Up About Her Unique Journey And The Importance of Knowing Your Value

Comedian, actress, writer and producer, Amanda Seales, shares her career journey in an interview with Forbes. A woman who “knows her value,” Seales explains that trusting her instincts is key. Now, she is sharing her success story to encourage other black millennials to learn from her experiences.

Fortune: Women Who Work Long Hours Could Be at a Greater Risk for Diabetes

MSN: Women Who Work More Than 45 Hours A Week Show an Increased Risk of Diabetes Finds New Research

Not only is working overtime hard on your mental health and personal life, but it also has serious impacts on your physical health. In a new study, Canadian researchers found that women who regularly worked 45 hours or more per week had a 63 percent higher risk of diabetes, compared to those who worked between 35 and 40 hours per week. And the study found that there was no similar effect on men.

How to Present an Authentic Self at Work as a Woman

Female entrepreneurs and successful professionals are often faced with two choices: either accept the status quo or focus on breaking down barriers. Additionally, the biases that hold women back come from both men AND other women. Turning the tables on these biases will have a huge impact on moving more women up the corporate ladder.

Beauty Pageant Winner Gives Up Crown to Protest Skit Mocking #MeToo

This year’s Miss Plymouth County winner, Maude Gorman, elected to give up her title in response to an offensive #MeToo sketch performed by a fellow contestant. As a sexual assault survivor, Gorman felt compelled to stand up for herself and other women. She explained, “As both a survivor, and advocate for victims rights and sexual violence on a whole, I refuse to stand idly by and simply ‘let this go’.”

Why it matters that the women on ‘Younger’ and ‘The Bold Type’ focus on careers as much as dating

It is rare to see bosses portrayed in television as caring and accessible to employees. Ever rarer are those who would place emphasis on women to prioritize their careers. But shows like Younger and The Bold Type are breaking down stereotypes, featuring women who are so much more than just one thing.