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True, unfiltered beauty: The Know Your Value community takes Mika's photo challenge

After posting an unedited photo of herself on social media, Mika Brzezinski challenged readers to send in their unfiltered, untouched photos to embrace the “raw and real” us.
From left to right: Judith Mari, P. Dianne Hankerson, Drubin Baker
From left to right: Judith Mari, P. Dianne Hankerson, Drubin Baker

Know Your Value founder and “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski recently posted a professional, unedited photo of her and Joe Scarborough on Know Your Value’s Instagram post.

“I’m 52 and I want to be realistic about the changes happening with my face and body as we age,” said Brzezinski. “Women over 50 are under enough ridiculous pressure. Does it matter we look older? Aren’t we stronger, wiser and better?”

Brzezinski then challenged the Know Your Value community to send in their unfiltered, untouched photos to embrace the “raw and real” us.

“…Let’s all (myself included) think twice before dusting out the wrinkles under our eyes or whitening our teeth. Is what we really look like so unlikeable?” she asked.

The response to the challenge was overwhelming and empowering. Here are just some of your amazing submissions:

Shelley Huson

Courtesy of Shelley Huson

Mika you are an inspiration!! Thank you. I’m 55 recently recovered from a long bout of Lyme disease, reading your awesome book ‘Comeback Careers’ - after fighting my way back to great health, I’m so grateful to be back in the arena of life, with new found authenticity strength, courage, truth and power for who I am. Ready to assist my fellow sista to be her best self !!!! Cheers to more YOU coming from your powerful platform.

Mary Ann Dozer

Courtesy of Mary Ann Dozer.

I myself made a personal decision to not highlight or die my hair at 35. Yes early gray streaks. At 20 was the last time I put make-up on. Luckily for me, I left a high technology career and became a fly fishing guide in '05.

I am amazed every time I see a woman on the water with makeup. I ask why?

Aphrodite Marinake

Courtesy of Aphrodite Marinake.

I'm 64 and decided to stop coloring my hair Have never had any cosmetically enhanced procedures on my face This is who I am.

Shana Hirsch

Courtesy of Shana Hirsch

I’ll be 44 in March. This is me with my pup Ginsburg! You are beautiful, Mika. I love waking up to you, Joe and the crew. Drinking out of my "Morning Joe" mug this morning!

Jeannie Hendee

Courtesy of Jeannie Hendee

I am 81 years young, married 59 years, mother of seven, grandmother of seven.

My friend in the photo, who is in her mid-50s, is a massage therapist, and she came over to show me how to blend up a great tasting spinach soup!!!

Neither of us has on even a tiny bit of makeup, or hair color!!

Both of us, and the spinach soup are "raw and real!!"

Sara E Castellez

Courtesy of Sara E Castellez

I love the journey you have been taking the stories of and about women. Especially during the times we are living in, we must be true to ourselves and embrace all women as a whole! Here is one of my pics of my sister Shelley (in the hat) 69 and me 59! Keep on keeping on!

P. Dianne Hankerson

Courtesy of P. Dianne Hankerson

64 years old.

The only filter is joy. Very glad that we are embracing the inevitable and learning how to love all of it!

Drubin Baker

Courtesy of Drubin Baker.

Sweaty me

Judith Mari

Courtesy of Judith Mari.

Thank you for bringing this issue of natural aging looks into the limelight.

I don't judge others for what they choose to do. However, women like me get judged by society all the time and we are bombarded with lots of advice on how to cover this or that.

I decided when I was a very young I didn't want to waste my life by painting on a mask everyday and retouching it throughout the day.

I wear foundation- almost never and eye make blush etc. only for special occasions.

My daily color regiment is lipstick, jewelry and out the door!

I will be 65 on April 8th 2020