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The crowdsourced lifestyle of an internet cam model

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At any given hour, there are at least 1000 internet cam performers engaged with thousands of viewers across the globe, in everything from benign conversation to sex acts. With greater access to web cams, broadband internet and cheap computers, a billion dollar industry has grown around men and women who perform digital peep shows and those who seek to pay them for it.

What tinnitus sounds like


Fifty million Americans are affected by ringing in the ears, or tinnitus, a complicated illness that leads some to self harm and even suicide. But what does tinnitus actually sound like?

Women forced into huts during menstruation

Short doc

Nepal’s chhaupadi tradition, which secludes women in damp, dusty and dark huts during menstruation, is responsible for dozens of deaths a year due to snake bites, lack of oxygen and easily preventable diseases. A new generation of young women is trying to do away with the practice, but first they have to overcome hundreds of years of tradition.

Escaping Oklahoma’s Female Prison Epidemic

Short news doc

Oklahoma’s prisons are home to the largest number of female inmates per capita in the country. For some — like Aliea, who says she’s been addicted to meth since she was 12, and just finished serving her second prison sentence — the state’s harsh drug laws mean that the cycle of addiction and incarceration can be almost impossible to break.