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NBC Left Field is a new internationally-minded video troupe that makes short, creative docs and features, all designed for social media and set-top boxes.

Our small team of cinematographers, journalists, animators and social media gurus aims to unearth stories and breathe creative life into current headlines.

Half the unit hails from outside the US, so we’ll be pushing boundaries at home and abroad while acting as an experimental NBC hub for style, treatment and audience engagement.

Contact Us

Call, tweet, message or visit us. 315-LF-Field

The Team

  • Matt Danzico

    Matt Danzico

    Founder, Visual journalist
    From: Coal mine country, Pennsylvania, USAExpertise: Filmmaking, tinkering, wave-catchingMemorable assignment: Journeying to find Nagaland headhunters
  • Katie Engelhart

    Katie Engelhart

    Reporter, Producer
    From: Canada, AustriaExpertise: Writing, investigating, interrogatingMemorable assignment: Evading KGB agents in Belarus
  • Owain Rich

    Owain Rich

    Special projects
    From: London, UKExpertise: Cinematography, VR, dronesMemorable assignment: Covering a gold rush in Indonesia
  • Ed Ou

    Ed Ou

    Visual journalist
    From: Canada, TaiwanExpertise: Storytelling, Packing light, Sleeping anywhere Memorable assignment: High jumping over Yemeni camels
  • Sky Dylan-Robbins

    Sky Dylan-Robbins

    Visual journalist
    From: New York City, USAExpertise: Questioning, producing, running Memorable assignment: Capturing America's viral dance moves
  • Deborah Basckin

    Deborah Basckin

    From: Hong Kong, Cape Town, LondonExpertise: Culture, thinking, snacksMemorable assignment: Finding Shakespeare in Chinese slums
  • Haimy Assefa

    Haimy Assefa

    Visual journalist
    From: Awassa, EthiopiaExpertise: Storytelling, iPhotography, brunchingMemorable assignment: Filming Bolivian climbers at 13,000ft
  • Lulu Jiang

    Lulu Jiang

    Motion graphics designer
    From: Beijing, ChinaExpertise: Animation, design, experimentationMemorable assignment: Making my first art film
  • Andrew Pinzler

    Andrew Pinzler

    Part-time team hacker
    From: Brooklyn, New York, USAExpertise: IoT, bots, not sleepingMemorable assignment: Big. Blue. Button.

NBC Left Field is not associated with Leftfield Pictures.