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1) In early 2013, Pfeiffer moved from White House communications director to become a senior adviser to the president. From Newsweek:

West Wingers note that Pfeiffer’s new title is a nebulous one that means different things depending on who’s in the job. They struggle to explain it using vaguely empty phrases like “big picture,” “30,000 foot,” “cross-platform” thinking aimed at “moving the ball forward.” For Pfeiffer, say insiders, this will mean top-level strategizing about how to communicate Obama’s goals to the public while serving as “the connective tissue” between all the players involved.

2) Pfeiffer played a big role last fall during the government shutdown and debt ceiling fights. From The Hill’s Amie Parnes:

Dan Pfeiffer’s fingerprints are all over the White House’s strategy of not negotiating with congressional Republicans over the government shutdown and debt ceiling.

The senior adviser to President Obama has been plotting the White House’s every move, and is described by some within the administration as the “relentless guardian” of Obama’s no-negotiations stance.

3) Pfeiffer, a Georgetown graduate, returned to his alma mater in 2011 to receive an alumnus of the year award from the school’s College Democrats. From The Hoya:

Pfeiffer, who also worked as a spokesman for Al Gore, urged students interested in politics to take risks even when the odds seem long, citing his decision to sign on with the improbable campaign of then-senator Barack Obama in 2007.

"If you can find someone who you truly believe in, who's inspiring to you, go work for him no matter how unlikely it is that [he's] going to win," he said.

4) During Obama’s first presidential campaign, Pfeiffer rewarded his hard-working young aides. From The Washington Post:

On primary nights, when young press aides were forced to work late, he would buy them cab rides home. And Fridays became "Milkshake Fridays" when Pfeiffer began buying them for his staff from the Potbelly sandwich joint in the campaign office's building.

5) Pfeiffer says a 'mini stroke' back in September gave him 'real perspective.' From POLITCO’s Playbook Breakfast last week:

6) Pfeiffer loves playing basketball, but he says his boss is better on the court than he is. From POLITICO:

On whether his boss, the 48-year-old president, is a better basketball player than he: “He absolutely is. I have no problem with that.”

7. On the day President Obama delivered his State of the Union address, Pfeiffer took over the White House Instagram account: