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On the Ballot: Meet the Press Film Festival with AFI

The Meet the Press Film Festival with AFI will take places on Oct. 7th and 8th in Washington, DC. Several films will also be available for on-demand streaming.

PROGRAM 2 - On the Ballot - 2018 Midterm Issues

With all of the rhetoric and arguments on Capitol Hill and in the White House, it can be easy to forget that policy issues affect real people across the country. From #MeToo, to the debate on Black Lives Matter, to the question of how an aging population will thrive, policy debates have real-world impacts in communities across the country. These films look at how these national hot-button issues are viewed and dealt with on a local level.

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For the past ten years, Amazon has recruited workers for Camperforce, a labor unit made up of RVers who serve as seasonal warehouse employees.

The Blue Line

“The Blue Line” centers around a small town that erupts into controversy when a blue line is painted on a street in support of police. The film is a parable of political division in contemporary America, but also an example of how communities can find common ground.

The Girl Who Cannot Speak

Edited by Emmy Award winner Krysia Carter-Giez, "The Girl Who Cannot Speak" explores five women's true stories of sexual abuse. This documentary includes women from different countries, ages, and walks of life. One victim, 15-year-old Charlotte, embodies a thread to each woman's story.

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