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Bernie Sanders Spends Over $2 Million on First TV Ad

Bernie Sanders Spending $2 MillIon on First TV Ad 4:13

This Tuesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders' campaign will start running their first television ads.

It’s a minute-long spot introducing Sanders, I-Vt., to potential Democrat primary voters. It starts by telling viewers he’s the "son of a Polish immigrant, who grew up in a Brooklyn tenement."

The commercial then points out his work in Congress and that his campaign is “funded by over a million contributions."

The campaign says the ad buy is over $2 million. It will run in Iowa and New Hampshire to start and then they expect to take it to other states.

According to the latest FEC report, the Sanders' campaign raised $26.2 million in the third quarter, and as of the middle of October, had $27.1 million in the bank.

Here's the full ad: