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By Mark Murray

The two-biggest advertising spenders in the 2016 presidential contest -- Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio -- have spent a combined $91 million via their campaigns and outside groups, according to ad-tracking data from SMG Delta.

By comparison, the two men leading the GOP presidential contest in most polling -- Donald Trump and Ted Cruz -- have spent just over a combined $8 million in ads.

That’s more than an 11-to-1 ratio.

Bush and his allies have spent nearly $59 million, with $56 million coming from his Right to Rise Super PAC and another $3 million form the campaign.

And Rubio and his allies have chipped in an additional $33 million – nearly $12 million from his campaign and $21 million from the two outside groups backing him.

Meanwhile, in the Democratic contest, Bernie Sanders has now surpassed Hillary Clinton in ad spending. Sanders’ campaign has spent $12.8 million, while Clinton’s campaign and Super PAC have bought $11.6 million in ads.

Ad Spending To Date

Team Bush: $58.8 million ($55.9M from Right to Rise Super PAC, $2.9M from campaign)

Team Rubio: $32.6 million ($11.6M from campaign, $11.2M from Super PAC, $9.9M from 501c4)

Team Sanders: $12.8 million (all from campaign)

Team Clinton: $11.6 million ($11.4M from campaign, $200K from Priorities USA Super PAC)

Team Christie: $11.4 million ($10.9M from Super PAC, $480K from campaign)

Team Kasich: $10.8 million ($267K from campaign, rest from outside groups)

Team Carson: $4.6 million ($4.4 million from campaign, $200K from Super PAC)

Team Cruz: $4.2 million ($1.9M from campaign, rest from outside groups)

Team Trump: $4 million (all from campaign)

Team Fiorina: $1.0 million (all from Super PAC)

Team O’Malley: $219,000 (all from Super PAC)