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ABOUT LAST NIGHT: Breaking down Clinton vs. Sanders

If you missed last night's debate, check out the recap from our live blog.

Our video team put together the best moments here, too.

MSNBC's Alex Seitz-Wald with a sharp take: "Bernie Sanders shined in Sunday night's Democratic debate here, at times overpowering Hillary Clinton in a format she typically controls. With polls showing Clinton on the ropes in Iowa and New Hampshire, Sanders' strong performance may have further imperiled Clinton's once-inevitable path to her party's presidential nomination."

And here's our wrap of tonight's fireworks on health care.

The New York Times: "Hillary Clinton targeted Bernie Sanders’s electoral appeal with some of her strongest language yet in a debate on Sunday night, seizing on Mr. Sanders’s recent policy shifts on universal health care and gun control to try to undercut his image as an anti-political truth teller. Mrs. Clinton also repeatedly aligned herself with a former political rival, President Obama, as she sought to portray her current one, Mr. Sanders, as a fringe candidate who did not stand with Mr. Obama on major issues like Wall Street regulation. Mr. Sanders, in turn, gave no quarter as he criticized Mrs. Clinton as dishonest in her attacks." Jonathan Martin points out: "Seeking to stabilize her 2016 campaign in the state where her 2008 contest with Barack Obama took its nastiest turn, Mrs. Clinton linked herself to the president again and again. And again." From the Washington Post: "Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton aggressively prosecuted Sen. Bernie Sanders on issues from gun control to health care and fealty to President Obama at a presidential debate Sunday as she sought to puncture Sanders’s insurgent appeal and regain her footing after a difficult stretch."

The Associated Press: "Their heated rhetoric highlighted the central question fueling the increasingly competitive primary race: Will the Sanders passion beat out the Clinton practicality?"

POLITICO's survey of Democratic insiders indicates that Sanders "failed to dent" Clinton.

The LA Times: "Clinton's demand of loyalty to the president, and desire to retain her lofty standing among African American voters, was central to a lengthy dispute over healthcare. The national front-runner has proposed tweaking Obama's landmark healthcare law to improve it. Sanders, the Vermont senator whose support is greatest among white and young voters, has proposed moving to a fully government-funded plan that, he announced just before the debate, would be paid for by taxes on all but the poorest Americans."

The Wall Street Journal: "The harshest exchanges Sunday, as on the campaign trail in recent days, were over health care, and Mr. Sanders’s plan for a single-payer national health-care plan. Mrs. Clinton’s argument against his plan was essentially a political one: it isn’t smart, she said, to start over again at a time when the Affordable Care Act remains under attack from Republicans."

South Carolina's The State: "Vying to unseat Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders pushed an anti-Wall Street message Sunday in Charleston, returning again and again to charges that the former secretary of state is tied to the “super-PAC financiers.”

The Charleston Post and Courier's headline: "Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders clash over guns just blocks from Emanuel AME"

And here's how it played in Iowa, from the Des Moines Register: "Several Iowa Democrats who are either undecided or willing to change their minds had conflicting opinions about who won."


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