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First Read’s Morning Clips: Escalating the ‘War on Women’?

OFF TO THE RACES: Escalating the ‘War on Women’ ?

NBC's Leigh Ann Caldwell has a good look at how Republicans are increasingly worried that Trump is alienating women.

Here's our own Ali Vitali's full report on Trump walking back his comments on abortion.

John Kasich told one of us(!) yesterday that he would have fired Corey Lewandowski.

Also yesterday, Trump declined to rule out using nuclear weapons against ISIS.

Clinton and Sanders both pummeled Trump in a pair of interviews with Rachel Maddow last night.

Here's why anti-Trump folks are feeling hopeful about Wisconsin. "The Stop Trump movement may never have another opportunity like the one here, where resistance to Mr. Trump was running high even before his campaign became consumed by a new round of controversies, from his mocking of Mr. Cruz’s wife to the arrest of his campaign manager to his comments in favor of punishing women who get abortions."

Clinton and Trump are leading big in a new Quinnipiac poll out of New York.

CLINTON: Her top fundraisers are telling her to attack Trump more aggressively.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel op-ed page took on Clinton's "abysmal record on open government."

SANDERS: This isn't a good look for DC Democrats. From NBC Washington: "Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' name is not on the primary ballot in Washington, D.C., after the D.C. Democratic Party submitted registration paperwork a day late and a voter filed a challenge, News4 has learned. D.C. party officials called the problem a minor administrative dispute."

TRUMP: He tried to change the conversation about his abortion remarks last night by publishing a letter from his tax counsel about how frequently he is audited. has a new ad campaign taking aim at Trump for his plans for mass deportations.

By the way, Trump would be the least popular nominee in history.