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OFF TO THE RACES: Is geography destiny in Iowa?

The New York Times takes a big-picture look at the Democratic Party's fight over its future, channeling our earlier Continuity vs. Revolution storyline.

Via POLITICO: "Barack Obama, that prematurely gray elder statesman, is laboring mightily to remain neutral during Hillary Clinton’s battle with Bernie Sanders in Iowa, the state that cemented his political legend and secured his path to the presidency. But in a candid 40-minute interview for POLITICO’s Off Message podcast as the first flakes of the blizzard fell outside the Oval Office, he couldn’t hide his obvious affection for Clinton or his implicit feeling that she, not Sanders, best understands the unpalatably pragmatic demands of a presidency he likens to the world’s most challenging walk-and-chew-gum exercise."

And this: "President Obama said in an interview released Monday that politics in America had become “meaner” than when he took office, but expressed hope that Republicans would eventually turn away from the “expression of frustration” and anger that Donald J. Trump and Senator Ted Cruz were offering to voters."

If Michael Bloomberg gets into the race, it would create a statistical tie between both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, according to a new Morning Consult poll.

The Wall Street Journal looks at the role that first-time caucus-goers could play in Iowa.

Weather report: The temperature on caucus day may be warmer than usual, the Des Moines Register notes.

CLINTON: Alex Seitz-Wald looks at how geography may favor Hillary Clinton in Iowa.

She's got an army of surrogates hitting Iowa, but will it seal the deal for her? NBC's Danny Freeman and Monica Alba take a look.

She said on NBC's Meet the Press that Michael Bloomberg won't have to run for president because she's confident that she'll clinch the nomination.

Cory Booker hit the trail with Clinton on Sunday.

NBC’s Monica Alba and Danny Freeman look at Clinton’s surrogate army in Iowa.

CRUZ: Rick Perry has endorsed Ted Cruz for the GOP nomination, NBC’s Danny Freeman flags.

ICYMI: Glenn Beck officially endorsed Ted Cruz over the weekend, too.

A pro-Cruz superPAC is going after Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad after the governor said Ted Cruz should be defeated in the state.

SANDERS: What, exactly, is his relationship with Israel? POLITICO takes a deep dive into a complicated issue.

He said on NBC's 'Meet the Press' that his campaign would "beat Donald Trump badly."

The Washington Post notes that Sanders is becoming more combative in the final days before the Iowa caucus.

TRUMP: First lady Melania Trump? The AP looks at what would be unprecedented about her possible role in the White House.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Donald Trump made the call to begin attacking Ted Cruz while flying on his private jet earlier this month. "Mr. Trump’s airborne verdict to strike at his closest GOP rival and a look at other decisions like it reveal a truth behind his famously pointed attacks: Mr. Trump, not his staff or consultants, personally drives them, and they are both calculated and improvised to adapt to news and polls, with little research or extensive prep work."

Donald Rumsfeld thinks that Trump has "touched a nerve in our country."