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OFF TO THE RACES: A good chance if you’re reading this, you don’t believe it

From one of us(!): "Booing the Fact-Checkers: How Low Trust in Media Is Shaping 2016"

Notes the Washington Post: "Some party officials say the Republicans’ more diverse field of candidates — especially in contrast to the Democrats’ all-white list — is evidence of conservatism’s broadening appeal. But others, loath to adopt the identity politics they associate with liberalism, maintain that the focus must stay on conservative ideas rather than the ethnicity of the people touting them."

Republicans are condemning the Planned Parenthood shooting but dismissing links between it and anti-abortion rhetoric.

Our colleague Dante Chinni crunches the numbers to find that there's a new coveted demographic out there for campaigns: Fantasy Bros.

BUSH: In his new book, Buzzfeed's McKay Coppins looks at how some in Bush's circle have tried to spread unsubstantiated rumors of Marco Rubio's infidelity and a "secret family." The book, The Wilderness: Deep Inside the Republican Party’s Combative, Contentious, Chaotic Quest to Take Back the White House,” comes out on Tuesday.

CARSON: He discussed his trip to Jordan and his views on refugee camps during an interview with one of us(!) on Meet the Press.

CHRISTIE: Over the holiday weekend, he got the endorsement of the New Hampshire Union Leader.

NBC's Leigh Ann Caldwell notes that Christie's record on guns could be problematic in the Granite State.

He's working overtime to court potential endorsers in New Hampshire, writes the New York Times.

CLINTON: The AP: " As secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton opened her office to dozens of influential Democratic party fundraisers, former Clinton administration and campaign loyalists, and corporate donors to her family's global charity, according to State Department calendars obtained by The Associated Press."

She unveiled a $275 billion infrastructure plan, per Alex Seitz-Wald.

CRUZ: The New York Times looks back at his 2012 Senate campaign.

NBC's Vaughn Hillyard looks at whether or not Iowa voters think Cruz can go the distance.

The Des Moines Register looks at his progress in the effort to get him to all 99 counties.

RUBIO: As Cruz gains, more of his Senate colleagues are lining up behind Rubio, notes POLITICO.

SANDERS: He pledged that he can pull off "one of the great political upsets in the history of our country" during a J-J dinner in New Hampshire on Sunday night.

TRUMP: He's still not backing down from his claims about 9/11 and Muslims celebrating in New Jersey.

The New York Times sums up the confusion over Trump's non-press conference with black pastors, which he plugged as an endorsement event before several participants objected.

And here’s MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff on the “Make America Great Again” hat factory in the LA area.

OBAMA AGENDA: On the Paris climate talks

On the big climate talks, from the AP: "Addressing the twin threats of global warming and extremist violence, the largest group of world leaders ever to stand together kicked off two weeks of high-stakes climate talks outside Paris on Monday, saying that by striking an ambitious deal to cut emissions they can show terrorists what countries can achieve when they are united."

More, from the New York Times: " If the talks fail — as they did in two previous attempts to achieve such a deal — then nations will continue on a trajectory that scientists say locks the planet into a future of rising sea levels, more frequent floods, worsening droughts, food and water shortages, destructive hurricanes and other catastrophic events."

The Wall Street Journal: "One emerging sore spot in the talks is the level of funding that richer countries will provide both to aid the transition of poorer countries to cleaner energy and to finance efforts to stave off the early effects of a changing climate. Developing countries want their highly industrialized peers that have used large amounts of fossil fuels for a century to mobilize $100 billion a year in climate financing, and some officials have warned they won’t support a deal in Paris that doesn’t deliver high levels of funding. Any agreement would require the consent of nearly 200 countries."

Abortion rights advocates say there's a clear link between Friday's shooting in Colorado and an antiabortion group's sting videos against Planned Parenthood.

The attack in Colorado is also upping the rhetoric in Congress, notes the New York Times.

The Huffington Post reports that Hillary Clinton urged Obama to close Gitmo just weeks before she stepped down as Secretary of State.


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