First Read's Morning Clips: More Carson Scrutiny

Image: GOP Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Campaigns In Colorado Day After Party's Third Debate
Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson speaks during a news conference before a campaign event at Colorado Christian University on October 29, 2015 in Lakewood, Colorado. Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

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OFF TO THE RACES: Bush 41 vs. Cheney, Rumsfeld

According to a biography by Jon Meacham, George H.W. Bush criticized Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, saying the two did not serve his son well.

The Washington Post's Dave Weigel concludes from the Tuesday night elections that the partisan divide has deepened -- and that Democrats are optimistic about their performance in the suburbs.

Particularly with Paul Ryan and Donald Trump in the spotlight, Republicans are feuding over entitlements, notes the Post.

BUSH: NBC's Jordan Frasier wraps Bush's day of trying to "fix it" in New Hampshire.

And Kasie Hunt reports that he told donors to "chill out" on a conference call yesterday.

The Wall Street Journal does a deep dive on Bush's poll numbers and how deep his challenges run.

This is a tough headline: "Jeb Bush’s comeback tour sounds like a therapy session"

CARSON: From CNN: "At the core of his narrative of spiritual redemption are his acts of violence as an angry young man — stabbing, rock throwing, brick hurling and baseball bat beating — that preceded Carson's sudden transformation into the composed figure who stands before voters today... But nine friends, classmates and neighbors who grew up with Carson told CNN they have no memory of the anger or violence the candidate has described."

Here's the Buzzfeed story about Carson's bizarre 1998 comments about the pyramids.

CHRISTIE: After a video of his impassioned plea for treatment for drug addicts went viral, he'll continue to talk about the issue at a campaign event in New Hampshire tonight.

RUBIO: NBC's Suzanne Gamboa reports on Rubio's comments that "DACA is going to end and the ideal way for it to end is that it's replaced by a reform system that creates an alternative."

The Hill notes that some in the conservative media are blasting him over his immigration work -- and unlikely to give him a second chance.

TRUMP: He unveiled his new ads on Morning Joe and told TODAY "it's time for me to start advertising a little bit."

You can listen to his radio ads here.

He told "If somebody goes negative on me, I have much more money than all of them put together. They will be met very, very, harshly.”

The New York Times: "Donald J. Trump has mockingly accused Sheldon Adelson, a casino developer and one of the biggest Republican megadonors, of wanting a “puppet” to back when it was reported that Mr. Adelson was considering throwing his support to Senator Marco Rubio. But Mr. Trump, many weeks ago, called Mr. Adelson to talk about the state of the race, according to a person told of the discussion, who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to characterize the conversation publicly."

OBAMA AGENDA: Releasing TPP’s full text

"The Obama administration released the full text of a 12-nation Pacific Rim free-trade accord on Thursday, launching what is expected to be a long and bruising fight to win final ratification in Congress for one of the president’s top priorities," writes the Washington Post. "A month after trade ministers reached agreement on the deal in Atlanta, the public will get its first look at the details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), an expansive pact that spans 30 chapters and hundreds of pages."

"Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard military force hacked email and social-media accounts of Obama administration officials in recent weeks in attacks believed to be tied to the arrest in Tehran of an Iranian-American businessman, U.S. officials said," according to the New York Times.


*** Thursday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” line-up: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell interviews Sen. John McCain, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Rep. Mike McCaul, Rep. Adam Schiff, former NTSB investigator Greg Feith, MSNBC political analyst Kathleen Parker, the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza, and NBC’s Bill Neely, Jim Miklaszewski, Tom Costello and Kasie Hunt.