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First Read's Morning Clips

A roundup of the most important political news stories of the day
/ Source: NBC News

OBAMA AGENDA: Caving to Congress on Iran

The latest on Iran, from the New York Times: "The White House relented on Tuesday and said President Obama would sign a compromise bill giving Congress a voice on the proposed nuclear accord with Iran as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in rare unanimous agreement, moved the legislation to the full Senate for a vote."

Writes the Associated Press: "While the White House and Congress made their way onto the same page with the bill, Obama's standoff with lawmakers over the Iran nuclear talks is far from over. If a final deal is reached, Obama still retains his right to veto any attempt by Congress to disapprove it. To override a veto, opponents would have to muster a two-thirds majority in both the House and Senate, meaning some Democrats would have to oppose their president to undermine a deal."

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's view on the congressional wrangling: "“We are in talks with the major powers and not with the Congress."

The president has decided to remove Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

CONGRESS: Senate passes Medicare doc-fix

The Senate has okayed a bill to permanently change the Medicare reimbursement formula.

The leadership intrigue continues, with Sens. Patty Murray and Dick Durbin perhaps getting ready to jostle over the position of Democratic whip.

Here’s House Speaker John Boehner’s Tax Day message.

OFF TO THE RACES: Out to prove she’s not making the same mistakes from ‘08

A new Winthrop poll finds that Walker and Bush are leading the pack in South Carolina.

CLINTON: From the New York Times: "[W]hat their admirers call grit and critics deem shamelessness can overshadow another essential element of the Clinton school: a willingness to put on the hair shirt of humility to regain power. Just as Mr. Clinton began a comeback with a down-home plea for forgiveness, Mrs. Clinton now seems determined to prove — perhaps to the point of overcompensation — that she will not repeat the mistakes that plagued her 2008 campaign."

The NYT also reports that Clinton was asked by congressional investigators in December 2012 whether she had used a private email account. She did not reply to their letter.

Kristen Welker reports: Hillary Clinton has tapped three heavyweights to lead the policy team on her campaign in the roles of senior policy advisors - Maya Harris, Ann O'Leary, and Jake Sullivan.

Here's our wrap of Clinton’s day yesterday -- including her pledge to tackle campaign finance reform.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Clinton knew about Bill de Blasio's non-endorsement before he appeared on NBC's Meet the Press, and he defended that wait-and-see approach in a news conference yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reports.

BUSH: He said during an appearance in Ohio that he's "never going to disparage" Marco Rubio, and he declined to criticize Hillary Clinton.

CHRISTIE: He tried to sell some "hard truths" on social security reform on Tuesday, NBC's Andrew Rafferty reports.

The Union Leader: "N.J. Gov. Chris Christie’s address Tuesday on overhauling Social Security is the first of four major policy speeches he will deliver by late June, when he plans to announce a possible presidential run."

PATAKI: He's going up with a paid TV commercial in New Hampshire, and it takes some swings at his GOP rivals for focusing on social issues.

And around the country...

FLORIDA: Roll Call has the latest on the scramble for Rubio' Senate seat.

NEW JERSEY: The doctor linked to charges against Sen. Bob Menendez has been indicted for Medicare fraud.


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