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OBAMA AGENDA: Soul-searching time

Here's our story on Obama's call for "soul-searching" in the wake of Monday's riots in Baltimore.

The city was mostly quiet last night after some initial skirmishes. From the Baltimore Sun: "Under guard, Baltimore cleans up and looks ahead"

One of us(!) looked back at our September 2014 polling on faith in law enforcement to show the difference in how African-Americans perceived police in their communities very differently than whites respondents did.

NBC's Pete Williams gives this take on yesterday's Supreme Court arguments on same-sex marriage.

The New York Times: "In a telling moment at Tuesday’s Supreme Court arguments over same-sex marriage, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. suggested that he may have found a way to cast a vote in favor of the gay and lesbian couples in the case."

The AP notes that Justice Anthony Kennedy sent less mixed signals during oral arguments two years ago.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesday in a case questioning lethal injection.

CONGRESS: Fight over NSA data collection

The congressional fight over NSA data collection in on, writes the Washington Post.

The Wall Street Journal: "Republican lawmakers’ effort to finalize their first budget agreement in nearly a decade hit a snag Tuesday amid an internal row over whether it relies too heavily on gimmicks to avoid unpopular spending cuts."

OFF TO THE RACES: Has Jeb already lost the Adelson Primary?

From the New York Times, on Baltimore and 2016: "An emerging presidential campaign characterized so far by upbeat announcement speeches and mostly abstract agendas on Tuesday confronted shocking scenes of violence and rage in a city not an hour away from the White House. It was a jarring, concrete crisis — and many of the 2016 contenders seemed either caught off guard or uncertain of how, or even whether, to respond."

BUSH: The National Review writes that Jeb Bush is "already a dead man" in the race to woo megadonor Sheldon Adelson, in large part because of adviser James Baker's address to left-leaning Jewish organization J Street.

CLINTON: The Washington Post: "A charity affiliated with the Clinton Foundation failed to reveal the identities of its 1,100 donors, creating a broad exception to the foundation’s promise to disclose funding sources as part of an ethics agreement with the Obama administration."

She'll call for body cameras for all police in a speech today at Columbia University, we write.

CRUZ: From Bloomberg: "Senator Ted Cruz, who wants to be the Republican Party's lead crusader against gay marriage, ducked the opportunity to play a critical role in turning back the movement in its infancy."

FIORINA: After a barnstorming tour, Iowa officials say Carly Fiorina is "picking up speed" in the state.

O'MALLEY: He faced hecklers when he visited Baltimore, including from some who blamed the current violence on his policies as that city's mayor.

RUBIO: He called on Japan’s prime minister to acknowledge the country’s exploitation of “comfort women” during World War II.

SANDERS: From one of us(!): Bernie Sanders will launch his presidential bid on Thursday.

In a Des Moines Register op-ed, Sanders writes: "We do have an urgent problem on our hands, but it's not Social Security. Millions of middle-class Americans are facing a retirement crisis as a result of inadequate income and growing wealth inequality. Social Security isn't the problem. It's an essential part of the solution."

He'll head to New Hampshire after launching his 2016 campaign, writes

And around the country...

UTAH: Things are heating up around that potential Mike Lee primary.


*** Wednesday’s “News Nation with Tamron Hall” line-up: Tamron Hall speaks with VICE News Correspondent Monica Villamizar, Baltimore Sun reporter Erica Green, Def Jam records founder Russell Simmons and Founding Principal of the Eagle Academy School for young men David Banks about the latest on the riots in Baltimore, and Supreme Court Expert from SCOTUS Blog Tom Goldstein about the latest on the Supreme Court of the United States taking on Same Sex Marriage.

*** Wednesday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” line-up: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell will interview Baltimore Police and Maryland State Police veteran Neill Franklin, the Baltimore Sun’s Christopher Assaf, Baltimore City Paper photo editor J.M. Giordano, NAACP Legal Defense Fund Director Sherrilyn Ifill, msnbc Supreme Court expert Tom Goldstein, Designer Prabal Gurung, the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza and Ruth Marcus, Human Rights Campaign Pres. Chad Griffin, NBC’s Rehema Ellis and WRC’s Shomari Stone.