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OBAMA AGENDA: Obama’s new joint chiefs chairman

The Wall Street Journal: "Tuesday’s nomination of a new Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman began the formal winding down of Gen. Martin Dempsey’s tenure. Yet Gen. Dempsey’s vision—one of caution about U.S. military engagements and reliance on local partners—is expected to prevail through the end of Barack Obama’s term."

"Washington wants to be certain that any nuclear deal between Iran and major powers includes the possibility of restoring U.N. sanctions if Tehran breaks the agreement without risking Russian and Chinese vetoes, a senior U.S. official said on Tuesday," Reuters writes. "United Nations sanctions and a future mechanism for Iran to buy atomic technology are two core sticking points in talks on a possible nuclear deal on which Tehran and world powers have been struggling to overcome deep divisions in recent days, diplomats said on condition of anonymity."

The Washington Post reports on new questions about surveillance planes spotted in the air during riots in West Baltimore.

The latest from Baltimore, from the AP: “Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake will announce a new partnership between the city and the U.S. Department of Justice.”

CONGRESS: Senate passes budget resolution

Our own Frank Thorp, on Republican frustration with Tom Cotton and Marco Rubio re: the Iran bill.

The Wall Street Journal, on freshman Sen. Tom Cotton: "Among this year’s crop of 13 newly minted senators, Mr. Cotton, who served one term in the House, has emerged early on as the most vocal and polarizing newcomer, set apart by his headline-grabbing foreign policy."

The Senate passed its first joint budget resolution in more than five years.

OFF TO THE RACES: Hillary goes big on immigration

A new New York Times/CBS poll finds that Hillary Clinton's favorability ratings have remained robust despite scrutiny of the Clinton Foundation -- and that Republicans are most open to Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee.

What kind of candidate are voters ready for? We crunched the numbers from our latest poll.

Al Gore thinks Iowa could change the debate over climate change. ""It's hard to miss the importance of a state that is simultaneously the first contest in the presidential contest and the number one producer of wind electricity in the country with a fast-growing solar economy also," Gore told The Des Moines Register. "You put those two things together and I think Iowa has a tremendous potential for pushing this onto the agenda of (presidential) candidates in both parties."

BUSH: In a new op-ed in the Chicago Tribune, Jeb Bush writes that "the War on Poverty has failed. It's time for conservative solutions." Among them: "If our government leaders want to attack poverty, they should first acknowledge that an effective anti-poverty program is a strong family, led by two parents."

CHRISTIE: "New Jersey Republicans for the first time say there's another likely 2016 White House contender who would make a better president than Gov. Chris Christie, according to a new poll," writes

On Bridgegate, he told reporters "If they want to subpoena me, that's fine."

CLINTON: NBC's Andrew Rafferty sums up Hillary Clinton's aggressive stance on immigration Tuesday night, when she said "If Congress refuses to act, as president, I would do everything possible under the law to go even further."

The Washington Post’s Phil Rucker gets Chelsea Clinton on the record defending the Clinton Foundation. “Whenever I have had a conversation with anyone, it’s always about the work. I’ve never had anyone talk to me about my parents in a political capacity for a foundation program.”

HUCKABEE: NBC's Leigh Ann Caldwell sums up Huckabee's announcement yesterday, and NBC's Perry Bacon Jr. writes on how he's still a long shot for the nomination.

The New York Times writes that Huckabee's promise not to change government programs for older Americans sets him apart from other Republicans.

McClatchy: “Mike Huckabee’s back, hoping to lead a determined army of evangelical conservatives and blue-collar Republicans en route to the Republican presidential nomination and then the White House.”

WALKER: He's leading a new Iowa poll from Quinnipiac.

And around the country...

FLORIDA: The AP reports that Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis will announce today that he’s running for Marco Rubio’s Senate seat.

NEW YORK: Staten Island district attorney Daniel Donovan easily won the special election for the House seat vacated by Michael Grimm.

And around the world ...

UNITED KINGDOM: From our colleagues in London, here's's primer on everything you need to know about the elections in the U.K tomorrow.

The Wall Street Journal looks at how David Cameron has struggled to turn the economic recovery into votes.


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