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First Read's Morning Clips

A roundup of the most important political news stories of the day.


Pete Williams reports: “Attorney General Loretta Lynch will announce her approval of a pattern-or-practice investigation of the Baltimore police department.”

More on Obama's trade agenda: Nike executives will say that they will create 10,000 U.S. jobs if the trade deal is approved.

From NBC: "Russia hopes that the next U.S. president will help "cure" the icy relations between Washington and Moscow, according to one of Vladimir Putin's closest aides."

The White House is adding more steel spikes to the top of fences around the building to prevent intruders.


NBC's Frank Thorp reports on the Senate's 98-1 vote on the Iran nuclear deal legislation.

OFF TO THE RACES: Two senators campaigning against … Congress

The New York Times notes how two senators - Ted Cruz and Rand Paul - are leading the charge against their own day job.

BUSH: He's up with a Medium post commemorating the anniversary of VE Day, writing that it is a reminder that "we must take sides."

CARSON: CNBC's John Harwood chatted with Ben Carson about health care, Baltimore, and more.

CHAFEE: The Boston Globe reports on the role that much-ignored Lincoln Chafee could play in the Democratic nomination fight.

CLINTON: NBC's Perry Bacon Jr. writes on why Clinton is embracing super PAC cash.

CHRISTIE: Hear that, New Hampshire Patriots fans? Chris Christie says Deflategate is "way, way overblown."

In New Hampshire, he said that he wants to put drug addiction and recovery on the national agenda.

Bridget Anne Kelly’s attorney says: “We are going to go loud,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

FIORINA: She said that she had never considered running for president until someone suggested it to her at CPAC in 2014.

GRAHAM: Graham says he's "98.6% sure" he'll run, and if he does, he'll veto any bill that did not have a pathway to citizenship.

PAUL: The New York Times reports on his ad and super PAC teams.

PERRY: He tells NH1 News: “We’ll have enough money to be competitive.”

RUBIO: The New York Times, with a big take on Rubio. "As Mr. Rubio has introduced himself to curious, and overwhelmingly Caucasian, Republican audiences from Iowa to New Hampshire, he has vaulted to the front ranks of the early pack of likely presidential candidates, partly because of his natural political talent. But it may owe just as much to the combination of his personal story and the balm it offers to a party that has been repeatedly scalded by accusations of prejudice."

WALKER: He’ll meet with Netanyahu on his trip to Israel, the Journal-Sentinel reports.

And around the world...

UNITED KINGDOM: Defying polls, Conservatives have won enough seats for a working majority after a decisive win.

Ed Miliband has resigned as the leader of the Labour Party, and Nick Clegg has resigned as the leader of the Liberal Democrats.


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