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OBAMA AGENDA: Eulogizing Beau Biden

Worth the time: If you missed it over the weekend, here's Obama's full eulogy for Beau Biden.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged allies at the G-7 summit to send a "united signal" showing that sanctions on Russia will be lifted only if a peace agreement is implemented in Ukraine.

Merkel is key to the Obama administration's success, notes the Washington Post.

Via the Wall Street Journal: "The leaders who gathered for the summit—from the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Canada, and Japan—held talks on the world economy on Sunday afternoon. At dinner, they focused on foreign policy, a discussion dominated again by Russia and Ukraine, a person familiar with the matter said. They plan to address a range of issues Monday, including climate policy, in preparation for a key United Nations climate conference that starts in November."

Turkey's ruling party had a very bad day at the polls. From the AP: "Turkey's long-ruling party has suffered surprisingly strong losses in parliament that will force it to seek a coalition partner for the next government, but other parties on Monday vowed to resist any pact."

From the Washington Post: "A series of legal setbacks have halted the government’s intensive preparations to move forward with President Obama’s executive actions shielding millions of illegal immigrants from deportation, even as community organizations continue a rapid push to get ready for the programs, according to U.S. officials and immigrant advocacy groups."

"The decades-old argument that major trade agreements boost both exports and jobs at home is losing its political punch, even in some of the country’s most export-heavy congressional districts," writes the Wall Street Journal.

OFF TO THE RACES: Wrapping the “Roast and Ride” cattle call in Iowa

Here's the Des Moines Register's wrap of the Roast and Ride event.

"As acceptance of same-sex marriage has swept the country and as the Supreme Court prepares to release a landmark decision on the issue, a wide variety of evangelical churches, colleges and ministries are having the kinds of frank discussions about homosexuality that many of them say they had never had before," writes the New York Times.

BUSH: He just happened to stop by a New Hampshire church and coffee shop Sunday.

CARSON: Four of his top staffers are leaving the campaign amid conflicts between his allied super PACs, the Washington Post wrote Friday.

CHRISTIE: David Wildstein's latest sworn statement is a headache for Chris Christie. "Mr. Wildstein’s statement, in a civil case separate from the federal prosecution in the bridge case, offers the first insider confirmation of a long-rumored tale of New Jersey political corruption, and places Mr. Christie at the center of it. It also portrays the governor, a former United States attorney, casually revealing information about a grand jury proceeding he had overseen, which violates federal law," writes the New York Times.

CLINTON: The big picture, from the New York Times: Clinton is following the electoral strategy of her predecessor, Barack Obama, rather than the 50-state push that won her husband the White House.

The Washington Post notes that Clinton's bid has wooed more women into the world of political fundraising.

Joni Ernst has a message for Hillary Clinton: "It's not enough to be a woman."

"On Sunday morning, she called into a Detroit convention of fast-food workers who are campaigning for a $15 minimum wage and urged them to “please keep up the fight.” But an aide said she wasn’t specifically endorsing the $15 minimum," reports the Wall Street Journal.

KASICH: CNN's MJ Lee notes that John Kasich's ties to Lehman brothers could haunt his presidential bid.

WALKER: The New York Times explains the alliance of anti-union conservatives behind him. "More than any of his potential rivals for the White House, Mr. Walker, 47, is a product of a loose network of conservative donors, think tanks and talk radio hosts who have spent years preparing the road for a politician who could successfully present their arguments for small government to a broader constituency."

He's increasingly looking like the man to beat in Iowa.

And around the country...

HAWAII: The state is shuttering its state health insurance exchange.


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Breaking News Emails

Get breaking news alerts and special reports. The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings.