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First Read's Morning Clips

A roundup of the most important political news stories of the day

OBAMA AGENDA: Comforter-in-chief

From "The president will once again try to comfort a country in mourning as he delivers the eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney, who was murdered last week alongside eight others in a shooting spree at Emanuel AME church in Charleston. The president's eulogy will seek to memorialize a man who many saw as a giant and the president knew personally."

Here's a rundown of the cases the Supreme Court still has to rule on before the end of its term.

From the Washington Post: "Legacies of Obama presidency and Roberts court are forever intertwined"

Religious groups are bracing for the gay marriage decision, including devising new legal strategies to create exemptions if the court rules to approve gay weddings, the Wall Street Journal reports.

CONGRESS: Still trying to repeal Obamacare Republicans are moving towards an attempt to use reconciliation to repeal Obamacare, The Hill reports.

From POLITICO: Republican leaders have reversed a punishment for a member who pushed back against the party's top dogs.

OFF TO THE RACES: The GOP’s Trump problem

A new CNN poll in New Hampshire shows Donald Trump gaining on Jeb Bush.

From POLITICO: "Big labor, which once relied almost exclusively on member dues to fund its political activity, is now hoping to raise huge checks for its 2016 efforts from billionaires like George Soros and Tom Steyer, according to confidential documents."

The Supreme Court's Obamacare decision offers GOP 2016 hopefuls another rallying cry, writes the Washington Post.

CARSON: He told RadioIowa that presidents should be limited to one six-year term.

CHRISTIE: He'll make his presidential ambitions known on June 30, NBC's Kelly O'Donnell reports.

CLINTON: From the AP: "The State Department cannot find in its records all or part of 15 work-related emails from Hillary Rodham Clinton's private server that were released this week by a House panel investigating the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, officials said Thursday."

Charlie Cook does a deep dive into the role gender could play in 2016 using data from the most recent NBC News/ Wall Street Journal poll.

HUCKABEE: He's blaming "the donor class" for pushing through the president's agenda on trade.

JINDAL: The New York Times offers a glimpse at Bobby Jindal's attempts to act like a frontrunner even though he's at the bottom of the polls.

O’MALLEY: Ahead of his O’Malley’s foreign-policy speech in DC today, his campaign sends this memo: “Today Governor O’Malley will deliver his most comprehensive remarks to date on U.S. foreign policy, national security, and America’s role in the world. He will outline a framework for U.S. foreign policy based on reducing new threats to our national security and supporting the rise of a global middle class – both fundamental objectives to keeping America safe and helping to establish stability and prosperity around the world. The cornerstone of Governor O’Malley’s foreign policy vision is a strong American economy. He believes that American strength in the world requires economic strength at home. That means building a robust American middle class and ensuring that the American Dream is accessible to ALL Americans.”

RUBIO: A pro-Rubio group is launching a $1 million ad campaign highlighting the senator's opposition to the Iran nuclear deal.

In New Hampshire, he talked Obamacare and gun control, reports.

TRUMP: POLITICO writes about Republicans' anxiety about Donald Trump's strength in the polls. "He has virtually zero chance of winning the presidential nomination. But insiders worry that the loud-mouthed mogul is more than just a minor comedic nuisance on cable news; they fret that he’s a loose cannon whose rants about Mexicans and scorched-earth attacks on his rivals will damage the eventual nominee and hurt a party struggling to connect with women and minorities and desperate to win."

WALKER: He'll make his presidential announcement the week of July 13.