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OBAMA AGENDA: Counteroffensive

"Seven weeks after their frenetic retreat from Ramadi, Iraqi security forces are preparing to mount a counteroffensive in the coming weeks to try to reclaim the pivotal western Iraqi city from the Islamic State, American and Iraqi officials say," according to the New York Times.

Obama called the fight against ISIS "a generational struggle" yesterday.

The White House will announce an initiative to help low- and middle- income Americans get access to solar energy, the New York Times reports.

The latest from the eurozone, via the Wall Street Journal: "The eurozone’s top decision makers were meeting Tuesday in an urgent effort to get back to the negotiating table on Greek bailout funding, pushing for new proposals from Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras after his voters overwhelmingly rejected creditors’ austerity measures."

OFF TO THE RACES: Welcome back, Roger Clinton

The Washington Post notes that nearly three-quarters of Iowa Republican caucus-goers support ground troops against ISIS.

CARSON: He brought in about $2 million delivering speeches to Christian organizations, POLITICO reports.

CLINTON: The New York Times asked yesterday: What happens if Hillary loses Iowa?

The New York Times, on Bill Clinton's half-brother, Roger: "Roger Clinton remains largely dependent on his more famous family members — a relationship that poses the risk of new, if familiar, headaches. (Headache, in fact, was the code name given Roger by the Secret Service during President Clinton’s two terms.)"

The LA Times looks at onetime Clinton enemy David Brock and the role he's playing in Clinton's campaign. "Although Hillary Rodham Clinton tries to run a highly disciplined campaign, the outsized role that David Brock plays is a reminder that this is, after all, still a Clinton operation, with all the psychodramas that implies."

CRUZ: He's a former Supreme Court clerk, but he's become one of the court's top critics now.

FIORINA: The super PAC supporting her has raised $3.4 million, more than twice the amount that her official campaign has brought in.

JINDAL: In a statement this morning, he called Obama “the most clueless president of my lifetime” for his comments on ISIS.

RUBIO: He's giving his first major domestic policy speech as a presidential candidate. “We need a new president for a new age – one with original ideas to unlock the two great doors to the future: the doors of innovation and education,” he’ll say, according to prepared remarks.

SANDERS: The Portland Press Herald writes that an estimated 7,500 attended Sanders' rally.

TRUMP: The Washington Post writes that some workers on his D.C. hotel project may be undocumented.

Bloomberg writes that his 401(k) plan for employees is "unusually stingy."

And around the country...

IOWA: "Three Confederate flags flew from a truck pulling a Marion County Republicans' parade float in Independence Day parades in Pleasantville and Pella on Saturday, leading to harsh criticism from the party's state chairman and resignation of two Marion County central committee members who owned the truck," writes the Des Moines Register.

PENNSYLVANIA: POLITICO writes that Harry Reid is trying to help right Joe Sestak's problematic Senate campaign as he works behind-the-scenes to help his party win back the majority in the Senate.

SOUTH CAROLINA: "As senators celebrated their decisive vote Monday to remove the Confederate flag from the State House grounds, some state House members were forming plans to fly other historic, and potentially controversial, flags in its place,” reports The State.


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