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First Read's Morning Clips

A roundup of the most important news stories of the day

OFF TO THE RACES: “It’s all entertainment”

The New York Times notes how Democratic activists are erasing the names of Jefferson and Jackson from their annual gatherings.

BUSH: Here’s the AP with its preview of Jeb Bush’s big foreign policy speech – and his swipes at Hillary Clinton.

He's out with a new video about the threat of ISIS and his opposition to the Iran deal.

CLINTON: She called Trump "all entertainment" last night, pivoting instead to slam Marco Rubio on his recent comments about abortion.

CRUZ: NBC's Hallie Jackson reports on Cruz's Southern strategy.

PAUL: He labeled Donald Trump a "bully" and an "empty suit" in a conference call with reporters Monday night.

POLITICO reports: "Paul has been furiously lobbying Kentucky Republican leaders ahead of an Aug. 22 decision to rewrite party rules so he can run for president and reelection to his Senate seat simultaneously, a hedge to hold onto power should his Oval Office aspirations falter. Running for the two offices at once creates tricky legal hurdles that are only surmountable with the assent of the Kentucky Republican Party’s leadership and central committee. Though that approval once seemed assured, several members of the party executive committee told POLITICO they’re seeing increasing trepidation, in part because of Paul’s perceived fade from contention but also because he hasn’t yet fulfilled promises to cover the cost of any changes."

PERRY: As National Journal and CBS reported - and NBC confirms - Rick Perry has stopped paying his staff amid lackluster fundraising. More, from the Washington Post. "Former Texas governor Rick Perry's presidential campaign is no longer paying its staff because fundraising has dried up, while his cash-flush allied super PAC is preparing to expand its political operation to compensate for the campaign's shortcomings, campaign and super PAC officials and other Republicans familiar with the operation said late Monday."

SANDERS: He drew another monster crowd in Los Angeles. The Washington Post: "On Monday night, Sanders’s campaign said that 27,500 people were inside and outside the venue — a figure impossible to independently verify. But nearly every seat in the building appeared to be taken and the arena floor was packed. Outside, thousands more watched on large screens."

TRUMP: In remarks on her show Monday night, FOX's Megyn Kelly said: "I certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism, so I’ll continue doing my job without fear or favor." And she said she would not respond directly to Trump's attacks on her.

The Washington Post offers some background on Fred Trump, Donald's father and a builder of less elite homes than his son. "Where Donald sought the spectacular in Manhattan, Fred built thousands of units of good but banal government-backed housing for New Yorkers who would never dream of penthouse living."

Now-departed Trump aide Roger Stone told TODAY that Trump is in the race to “save the United States.”

And around the country...

Yes, Melissa Gilbert from 'Little House on the Prairie' is running for Congress.


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*** Tuesday’s “Live with Thomas Roberts” line-up: Thomas interviews Missouri State Senator Maria Chapelle-Nadal, St. Louis Alderman Antonio French and Huffington Post’s Ryan Reilly about a state of emergency following protester arrests in Ferguson, MO, Former Gov. Lincoln Chafee (D-RI) about the 2016 Presidential Race, and the 3-year-old mayor of Dorset, MN, Mayor James Tufts.

*** Friday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” line-up: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell will interview Ferguson, MO Community Organizer and Activist Rasheen Aldridge, Fmr. Gov. Ed Rendell, Fmr. George W. Bush Political Director Sara Fagen, USA Today’s Yamiche Alcindor, the Atlantic’s Molly Ball and NBC’s Kristen Welker, Katy Tur and Miguel Almaguer.