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First Read's Morning Clips

A roundup of the most important political news stories of the day.

OBAMA AGENDA: Des Moines, here we come

Amid all the 2016 fervor, Obama will spend the afternoon in Des Moines.

More on the trip, from the Des Moines Register: "Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Education announced the schedule of Secretary Arne Duncan’s sixth annual back-to-school bus tour. Last week, the White House announced Obama would join the tour at a town hall at North to discuss the importance of attending college and its affordability."

Kim Davis is returning to work this morning after being jailed for refusing to grant marriage licenses to same sex couples.

The Ferguson Commission will formally release a 198-page report detailing proposed changes to address racial inequality.

OFF THE RACES: Trump leads GOP by 13 points…

A new Washington Post/ ABC News poll shows Trump at 33 percent and Carson at 20 percent, 14 points higher than in July.

Tech group Lincoln Labs is out with a new "innovation report" white paper outlining proposed changes to intellectual property laws and regulatory policy.

The National Immigration Forum Action Fund has a new ad contrasting Ronald Reagan's welcoming words for immigrants to Republicans' current rhetoric.

NBC's Danny Freeman examines how Democrats are courting Latinos in Iowa.

BIDEN: He met with Robert Wolf, the former CEO of UBS Americas and a publicly committed bundler for Hillary Clinton.

BUSH: His debate style will face another big test in Wednesday's Simi Valley contest.

CARSON: He says that his comments about Trump’s faith were “inappropriate” and that he’s apologized for them.

CHRISTIE: He said "nothing has been proven" when it comes to accusations of a quid pro quo between former ally David Samson and the head of United airlines.

CLINTON: A new American Crossroads digital ad is called "Orange is the New Black" -- a reference to Clinton's orange suit during one of her press conferences about her email use.

"The company that managed Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private e-mail server said it has “no knowledge of the server being wiped,” the strongest indication to date that tens of thousands of e-mails that Clinton has said were deleted could be recovered," writes the Washington Post.

But: “In a little noticed brief, filed on Wednesday to a federal court, Department of Justice lawyers outlined a comprehensive defense of the contentious decision by Hillary Clinton to wipe the private email server she used as secretary of state: The attorneys assert that, regardless of whether she used a personal or government account, Clinton was within her legal right to handpick the emails that qualified as federal records — and to delete the ones she deemed personal,” Buzzfeed says.

FIORINA: She called Trump an "entertainer" during a stop in New Hampshire Saturday, writes NBC's Kailani Koenig.

RUBIO: He has a two-minute web video laying out his higher-education plan.

SANDERS: He'll do events at Liberty University and in Northern Virginia.

On Meet the Press, he wouldn't say how many Syrian refugees the United States should accept.

TRUMP: The Washington Post reports on his education venture, Trump University. "In three pending lawsuits, including one in which the New York attorney general is seeking $40 million in restitution, former students allege that the enterprise bilked them out of their money with misleading advertisements."

The Wall Street Journal looks at how he's continuing to eschew a traditional campaign structure.

WALKER: He's focusing on a sweeping plan to restrict labor unions as he tries to regain traction for his campaign. From the AP: "At a town hall meeting in Las Vegas, Walker will propose eliminating unions for employees of the federal government, making all workplaces right-to-work unless individual states vote otherwise, scrapping the federal agency that oversees unfair labor practices and making it more difficult for unions to organize."

He's announcing campaign chairs in each of Iowa's 99 counties.


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