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First Read’s Morning Clips: No New Ideas

OFF TO THE RACES: Where are the original ideas?

NBC's Perry Bacon Jr. reports that there are few original ideas from the 2016 contenders on how to defeat ISIS.

Another New Hampshire poll (Fox News) shows Trump on top (and it was conducted after the Paris attacks).

BUSH: He and his allies have spent almost $20 million on TV ads -- without a lot to show for it.

NBC's Jordan Frasier writes on his plan to defeat ISIS -- including U.S. ground troops.

CARSON: NBC's Alex Jaffe reports on his struggles with foreign policy issues.

In a Washington Post op-ed, he writes: "[T]he United States must dramatically increase its efforts to appeal directly to the moderate Kurds, Syrians and Iraqis. We must convince them that the Islamic State poses a fundamental threat to their existence. And we must equip them with the means to convey that message to their people. This will require a multi-pronged communications strategy that leverages our strengths in media production and messaging, combined with cutting off traditional access routes to social media for radical Islamist groups."

CLINTON: She's going to lay out her plan to fight ISIS during an address today in New York City.

CRUZ: He told NBC News that Obama should "insult me to my face" in the back-and-forth over refugees.

KASICH: A superPAC backing him is up with an ad touting his experience in the wake of the Paris attacks.

RUBIO: From the AP: "Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio on Wednesday kept up his critique of rival Ted Cruz on national security, saying the Texas senator worked with Democrats to "harm our intelligence programs" by restricting the federal government's bulk phone records collection program."

SANDERS: Here's the New York Times' preview of his speech defining 'Democratic socialism.'

TRUMP: NBC's Ali Vitali reports on his statement Wednesday night that he's open to U.S. ground troops in the fight against ISIS.

OBAMA AGENDA: Mastermind of Paris attacks is dead

The latest on the Paris attacks: NBC News confirms that prosecutors say the suspected mastermind of Paris attacks was killed in a police raid.

Authorities say there is no "credible threat" against New York City from ISIS, despite a video featuring images of the city.

The New York Times writes about the difficulty of building an international coalition against ISIS: "Even as President François Hollande of France takes on the role of bridge builder with back-to-back trips next week to Washington and Moscow, powerful centrifugal forces are still pulling the would-be partners apart as competing national interests challenge efforts to translate that newly shared aspiration into a sustained collaboration over time."

As officials eye visa waivers, the travel industry is pushing back, notes the Washington Post.

Obama says he will veto a House bill seeking to change the way Syrian refugees to the United States are screened.


*** Thursday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” line-up: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell interviews Homeland Security Chair Rep. Mike McCaul, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, former DOD & CIA Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash, Flashpoint’s Laith Alkhouri, Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus, Huffington Post’s Sam Stein, and our team of reporters in Paris and Brussels covering the latest on the terror attack investigation.