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'I Took His Buddy Away From Him'

Inmates convicted of murder talk to their younger selves about their regret over picking up a gun and ending someone's life.
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This video was made by NBC News producers Dan Slepian and Rob Allen as a part of the "Voices From Within" Project. They produced this independently of NBC News on their own time. Slepian and Allen put convicted murderers at Sing Sing, the infamous prison just north of New York City, in a room alone with a camera and asked them to speak to their 12-year-old selves.

The question they wanted answered: What would you say now that could have made your younger self put down the gun that ended a life and landed you in prison? What you see below is the full version of that video, which is now being used by the New York Police Department.

After part of this piece aired on Meet the Press, there was strong reaction online:

Chuck Todd responded to the strong reaction, which can be read here. Also, the panel addressed some of the criticism head-on later in the show: