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Independent Sen. Sanders Thinking About a Presidential Run

Bernie Sanders: Americans 'Want Real Change' 1:25

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont got right to the point with Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press" Sunday, saying he is "thinking" about running for president.

But Sanders was realistic on the viability of an Independent candidacy. "The truth is, profound anger at both political parties, more and more people are becoming independent, the negative is, how do you set up a fifty-state infrastructure as an independent?" he asked.

Sanders is in Iowa this weekend to test the waters. Lots of potential presidential candidates have descended on the Hawkeye State, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Sanders said he had a lot of respect for Clinton, but was a little tougher President Obama: "I have a lot of disagreements with him. But the bottom line is: I think he has not tapped the anger and the frustration that the American people feel on many, many issues."


Bernie Sanders Talks Today's Democratic Party 0:38
— Shawna Thomas