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THE LID: Clinton Puts Race Relations at Forefront of Campaign

Image: Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Attends Community Meeting In Florissant, MO
FLORISSANT, MO - JUNE 23: Democratic presidential candidate and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton greets supporters on June 23, 2015 at Christ the King United Church of Christ in Florissant, Missouri. Clinton's visit to the St. Louis suburb neighboring Ferguson, Missouri focused on racial issues. (Photo by Whitney Curtis/Getty Images)Whitney Curtis / Getty Images

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos…2016 presidential candidates on Tuesday lobbied Gmail to extend the newly created window when users can recall a message from “30 seconds” to “until the shifting winds of public opinion are fully understood.”


Speaking at a church located just a short drive from last year’s violent protests in Ferguson, Missouri, Hillary Clinton on Tuesday said, “America's long struggle with race is far from finished." It is the third time since last week’s church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, that she has addressed the hate crime, and the solutions she has offered have allowed her to create a clear contrast with her GOP opponents.

While speaking to a primarily African-American crowd in Missouri, Clinton called on states to stop flying the Confederate flag and retailers to stop selling it. She blasted restrictive voting laws passed in some GOP-led states and called for universal voting registration for 18-year-olds. She also has also spent recent days pushing “common sense gun reform.” They are all issues Clinton is comfortable talking about and resonate with minority voters.That was made clear in our latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll in which 95% of non-white Democrats said they could see themselves supporting Clinton. By contrast, only 26% of those voters said they could see themselves supporting Bernie Sanders.


  • Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Tuesday said racism in America is "far from finished" and called the Confederate flag "a symbol of our nation's racist past" during a discussion at a church near last year's violent protests in Ferguson, Missouri.
  • From NBC’s Perry Bacon: American politicians, from Republicans in South Carolina to President Barack Obama, are increasingly addressing issues of race in frank terms, spurred by a series of racially charged incidents across the country, the rise of "black Twitter" and the strength of the "Obama coalition" of white liberals and minority voters.
  • Removing the Confederate flag from outside the South Carolina State House “may face an uncertain path as the state's racial tensions combine with state House and Senate districts drawn without much concern for competitiveness or racial diversity,” NBC’s Dante Chinni writes.
  • Here is the latest on the flag’s removal from NBC’s Erin McClam.
  • “Hillary Clinton is leading her nearest Democratic competitor by a whopping 60 points, and she holds the early general-election advantage against the top Republican White House contenders, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll,” Mark Murray writes.
  • From First Read: Why 48% is the most important number in the new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.


A new Suffolk University poll has Jeb Bush leading the GOP field in New Hampshire with support of 14% of likely GOP voters. The surprise was Donald Trump was in second place with 11%.

PAUL: Rand Paul finally weighed in on the Confederate flag controversy, saying in an interview that it “is inescapably a symbol of human bondage and slavery” and belongs in a museum, Buzzfeed writes.

JINDAL: Ahead of his 2016 announcement Wednesday, the Washington Post examines his Indian heritage.


“God help South Carolina if we don't achieve the goal of removing the flag.”

  • South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham on removing the Confederate flag


Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is expected to announce his 2016 presidential bid at 5:00pm ET.

John Kasich holds events in Iowa.

Hillary Clinton holds a fundraiser in New York City that will feature Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett.