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Lindsey Graham Talks Foreign Policy and Bill Clinton with NBC’s Chuck Todd

Lindsey Graham Hopes His Candidacy Will Draw Attention to Iraq 1:55

Recently announced Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham spoke with Chuck Todd in an interview Tuesday while on the campaign trail in New Hampshire.

The South Carolina senator spoke about the U.S. role in the Middle East, climate change, how he can distinguish himself in the growing presidential candidate field and his push for former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

On Foreign Policy

Graham said the United States needs to have more of a military presence in the Middle East. And when asked how does the country finally get out of the region, he replied “You don’t get out." Graham also said he would send more troops into Iraq to help stabilize the country.

Lindsey Graham on the Middle East: 'You Don't Get Out' 2:03

On Bill Clinton Impeachment

Graham told Todd he does not regret calling for President Bill Clinton to be removed from office in the late 1990s, saying “powerful people who have the ability to crush small people need to be dealt with.”

Lindsey Graham on Bill Clinton Impeachment 1:19

On Climate Change

“I don’t know see how in the world a party in the 21st century is going to survive if you can’t embrace the idea that the environment is worth saving,” Graham said while critiquing his GOP colleagues.

Lindsey Graham Believes Climate Change Is Man-Made 2:24