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President Joe Biden speaks in the Roosevelt Room of the White House
President Joe Biden speaks in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, on May 28.Anna Rose Layden / Getty Images file

Pro-Biden group cuts ad touting deal to raise debt ceiling

The Biden-boosting nonprofit Building Back Together will air the ad on cable news and digital platforms.


A Democratic group is launching a six-figure ad buy to promote the debt limit and budget agreement that passed Congress on Thursday, crediting President Joe Biden for defeating “extreme demands” by “MAGA Republicans.”

The group Building Back Together, which exists to promote President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda, says it’s planning to run the 30-second TV ad, titled “Bipartisan Compromise,” starting next Monday, June 5 on Fox News daytime programming, MSNBC’s Morning Joe and on digital platforms.

“The economy was at risk of collapse, held hostage by MAGA Republicans and their threat of a catastrophic default if their extreme demands weren’t met,” a narrator says. "But President Biden stood firm and negotiated a bipartisan compromise that protects Social Security and Medicare for seniors.”

The narrator goes on to credit Biden for “an economy that works for” Americans.

The legislation has passed the House and Senate, although the group didn’t wait for Biden to sign it into law before filming the ad. The president said Friday he would do that “as soon as possible.”

The ad, which was provided first to NBC News, represents an early push to set the narrative around the bipartisan agreement, which extends the debt limit for two years, imposes a two-year budget agreement and includes a series of policy measures.

It was brokered by Biden and Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who demanded budget concessions to avert a default. McCarthy has touted it as a historic success for Republicans, in that it forces the U.S. government to spend less in the new fiscal year than current spending levels.

American Action Network, a nonprofit aligned with McCarthy and part of the main network of outside groups supporting House Republicans, launched its own ad this week touting the deal — but on different terms.

In AAN's ad, a narrator notes Biden initially said he wouldn't negotiate over the debt limit, but that "Speaker McCarthy and the House forced him to cave, delivering another win for conservatives," including "work requirements for welfare" and bringing down government spending.