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Former Gov. Nikki Haley walks onstage smiling at the Republican primary presidential debate
Former Gov. Nikki Haley onstage at the Republican primary debate in Miami, on Nov. 8.Eva Marie Uzcategui / Bloomberg via Getty Images file

Pro-Nikki Haley group becomes top ad spender in 2024 race

Haley's super PAC has spent $8.6 million overall and $3.2 million in Iowa this month.


SFA Fund Inc., the super PAC backing former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley in the 2024 presidential race, has now spent more on ads than any other group or campaign this month, according to ad spending data from AdImpact.

Since Nov. 1, SFA Fund spent $8.6 million overall on ads, including this recent TV ad hitting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on his environmental record.

By comparison, Never Back Down — the main super PAC supporting DeSantis — has spent $5.4 million on ads. (An additional pro-DeSantis group, Fight Right, has chipped in another $1.1 million over the airwaves, and the DeSantis campaign has spent $1.2 million).

And MAGA Inc., the super PAC backing former President Donald Trump, has spent $3.6 million, with the Trump campaign adding another $1.1 million over the airwaves.

Top overall spenders since Nov. 1

  • SFA Fund (pro-Haley): $8.6M
  • Never Back Down (pro-DeSantis): $5.4M
  • MAGA Inc. (pro-Trump): $3.6M
  • Biden: $2.4 million
  • Ramaswamy: $1.8 million

The pro-Haley super PAC has also been the biggest advertiser in Iowa during the month of November, spending $3.2 million in the Hawkeye State.

That compares to $2.6 million for MAGA Inc. in Iowa (with the Trump campaign spending another $560,000) and $2.3 million for the pro-DeSantis Never Back Down (with the DeSantis camp and Fight Right spending a combined $1.7 million more in Iowa).

Earlier this fall, MAGA Inc. had ramped up its spending in Iowa, tying it with Never Back Down as the top spender in Iowa from Oct. 1 to Nov. 14, per AdImpact.

Top spenders in Iowa since Nov. 1

  • SFA Fund (pro-Haley): $3.2M
  • MAGA Inc. (pro-Trump): $2.6M
  • Never Back Down (pro-DeSantis): $2.3M
  • Ramaswamy: $1.1M
  • DeSantis: $853,000
  • Fight Right (pro-DeSantis): $847,000
  • Trump: $564,000