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Herschel Walker during a campaign stop in Dawsonville, Ga., on Oct. 25, 2022.
Herschel Walker during a campaign stop in Dawsonville, Ga., on Oct. 25, 2022. John Bazemore / AP

Brian Kemp stars in new TV ad to boost Herschel Walker

The GOP super PAC Senate Leadership Fund is out with a new ad featuring Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, who was re-elected earlier this month.


The Senate Leadership Fund, a conservative super PAC aligned with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, is out with a new ad in Georgia featuring GOP Gov. Brian Kemp.

The ad, running on TV in support of Republican nominee Herschel Walker in the state's Senate runoff, highlights comments made by President Joe Biden after the midterm elections earlier this month.

"What in the next two years do you intend to do differently?" a reporter asks. "Nothing ... I'm not going to change anything in any fundamental way," Biden answers.

The ad cuts away from Biden to Kemp, who tells viewers, "Families are struggling because of Biden's inflation and Washington won't change unless we make them."

Kemp continues later, "Herschel Walker will vote for Georgia, not be another rubber stamp for Joe Biden. That's why I'm backing Herschel and I hope you'll join me in voting for him, too."

Kemp kept his distance from Walker before Election Day earlier this month, but the pair campaigned together for the first time last week. Now, Kemp, a popular governor who won his re-election bid outright and avoided a runoff, is playing a central role in the GOP effort to elect Walker.

This is the latest ad in a Georgia's tight Senate runoff, where surveys show Walker and Warnock polling within the margin of error.

So far, Democrats have spent over $21 million on TV ads in the runoff, while Republicans have spent $8 million, according to AdImpact, an ad tracking firm. From November 9, through December 6, which is the runoff's Election Day, the race is expected to draw over $53 million in total spending from both parties.

Kemp’s campaign has also loaned his turnout program, which includes door-knocking, phone-banking and micro-targeting data, to Senate Leadership Fund ahead of the Dec. 6 effort, per Politico. SLF is investing $2 million in the turnout effort.