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A customer holds a fuel nozzle at a Shell gas station in Hercules, Calif., on June 22, 2022.
A customer holds a fuel nozzle at a Shell gas station in Hercules, Calif., on June 22, 2022.David Paul Morris / Bloomberg via Getty Images file

Economic issues dominate as top issue for voters, new poll shows

Democrats and Republicans are tied when adults are asked which party should control Congress after the 2022 midterms.


A majority of American adults say economic issues are the biggest concern facing their family right now, according to a new Monmouth University poll, which also found that few believe the country is on the right track.

Sixty-three percent say either inflation, gas prices, the economy or everyday bills/groceries is their family's top concern (inflation and gas prices alone combined for 47%).

The next highest-ranking concern is abortion, which is the top issue for 5% of respondents, the fifth-highest ranking issue. Guns/gun ownership follows at 3%, tied with health care costs and job security/unemployment.

While 47% of adults say their current financial situation is stable, 42% say they are struggling. Just 10% say the country is on the right track (88 % say its on the wrong track) and only 8% say the federal government has helped their most important concern over the last 6 months (57% say the government has hurt it, and 34%say the government has had no real impact on their top concern).

While President Joe Biden's approval rating of 36% is the lowest it's been in Monmouth's polling, 47% of adults want Democrats to maintain control of Congress, the same portion who want Republicans to flip control of the body (when those who are leaning one way or another are included).

Monmouth polled 978 adults between June 23 and June 27 (the polling started the day before the Supreme Court's ruling on abortion), and has a margin of error of +/- 3.1%.