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Presidential Hopefuls Square Off In First GOP Debate
Presidential hopefuls are introduced during the first debate of the GOP primary season in Milwaukee on Aug. 23, 2023.Scott Olson / Getty Images

Eyes on 2024: Looming deadlines means presidential field likely set

Here's the bad news for Republicans who may want to see someone like Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin or Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp jump into the race. 

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The Iowa caucuses are still four months away, but the window for any more GOP candidates to jump into the presidential race is closing fast as filing deadlines approach, per a new NBC News report. 

Nevada and South Carolina’s filing deadlines are coming up next month, and Arkansas and Alabama have November deadlines. A slew of other states, including California and Texas (states expected to have among the most convention delegates up for grabs), have December deadlines. 

To meet those deadlines, campaigns would have to be working right now to gather the required signatures to qualify for the ballot. 

That’s bad news for Republicans who may want to see someone like Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin or Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp jump into the race. 

“The runway for someone to realistically run for president is basically over,” said Nick Trainer, who served as Delegates and Party Organization director on Trump’s 2020 campaign and isn’t working with a candidate this cycle.


In other campaign news…

Pledge drama: Former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ teams are clashing over the Florida GOP’s requirement to pledge to support the party’s nominee in order to get on the primary ballot, which Trump’s supporters want to nix, NBC News’ Matt Dixon reports.  

Around the world in five days: NBC News’ Peter Nicholas examines the victories and missteps that followed Biden on his five-day trek across the globe. 

14th Amendment strikes again: A group of voters filed a lawsuit Tuesday to remove Trump from the ballot in Minnesota, on the grounds that he violated the 14th Amendment. It’s the second such lawsuit filed this month. The first was in Colorado, where a judge nixed Trump’s request to move the case to federal court. 

Talking religion: NBC News’ Alex Tabet, Katherine Koretski and Emma Barnett report on how GOP primary voters continue to pepper Vivek Ramaswamy with questions about his Hindu faith and about how he views Christianity as he tries to court a heavily evangelical group of Iowa GOP caucusgoers. 

Cut, baby, cut: Ramaswamy also spoke with NBC News’ Allan Smith about why he thinks the U.S. Supreme Court would greenlight his push to slash the federal bureaucracy

He’s in: Former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Morgan entered the Democratic primary for governor in North Carolina on Tuesday, He joined one other Democrat — state Attorney General Josh Stein — in the race to succeed Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper, who is term limited, next year.

He’s back: North Carolina Republican Mark Harris, whose 2018 election was tossed out due to election fraud perpetrated by one of his consultants, announced Tuesday that he is running for Congress again. Back in 2019 Harris called for a new election, but on Tuesday he said Democrats stole his election, comparing himself to Trump. 

Anonymous attacks: A mysterious super PAC is on the airwaves in Montana, running ads attacking GOP Senate candidate Tim Sheehy over a PPP loan he received, Politico reports.

Boebert’s ‘parallel identities’: After surviving a close re-election race last year, conservative Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., is embracing “parallel identities,” Politico writes: “the Washington firebrand when in D.C., and the bring-home-the-bacon pol in Colorado.”