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Tim Ryan smiles during a campaign event in Cincinnati, Ohio
Tim Ryan, U.S. Democrat Senate candidate for Ohio, during a campaign event in Cincinnati on Sept. 20, 2022.Megan Jelinger / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Five must-watch campaign ads from this week

Snakes on a plane, marriage advice and an industrial crushing machine provide the highlights for the week's TV ads.


Here are five campaign ads that grabbed our attention this week: 

1. Mastriano's first general election ad

In Pennsylvania's race for governor, Republican nominee Doug Mastriano is out with his first ad of the general election. It highlights the time he served in the U.S. Army and the leadership skills he learned there.

"He took it very seriously. He did not want any of his soldiers to be hurt," Rebbie Mastriano, Doug Mastriano's wife, says in the ad.

Since the May 17 primary, Mastriano's opponent, Democrat Josh Shapiro, has spent over $24 million on the airwaves, according to AdImpact. Mastriano has spent just under $200,000 in the same amount of time.

2. Tim Ryan's marital advice

In a new ad, Rep. Tim Ryan, the Democratic nominee for Senate in Ohio, highlights disagreements with his wife as a metaphor for disagreements between constituents and politicians.

"Some people think that they have to agree with their politicians 100% of the time. And I ask these people, are any of you married?" Ryan says in the ad.

3. Getting crushed, literally

In Texas, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is out with a new ad about "crushing" inflation.

In the ad, there's an industrial crushing machine that literally crushes a gallon of gas, a gallon of milk, eggs and more.

"Joe Biden's inflation is crushing Americans," a narrator says in the ad.

"But in Texas, we are fighting back," Abbott adds.

4. Snakes on a plane

In Montana, Democrat Monica Tranel and Republican Ryan Zinke are facing off in the race for Congress in the state's 1st District.

In a new ad, Tranel features snakes crawling around a private jet while she accuses Zinke of spending, "thousands of our tax dollars to fly on private planes," while he was Secretary of the Interior under former President Donald Trump.

"I’m Monica Tranel. I’ve spent my career taking on snakes like Ryan Zinke," she says in the ad, while taking a snake off of an airport runway.

5. Oz hammers Fetterman on crime

"Fetterman's ideas are radical, deadly and wrong," Republican nominee for Senate Mehmet Oz says in a new ad.

He accuses John Fetterman, Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor and the Democratic nominee for Senate, of being soft on crime while displaying disturbing images of civilians supposedly under the influence of drugs.