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Image: Donald Trump
Donald Trump speaks at a Save America Rally to support republican candidates running for Ohio state and federal offices on Sept. 17, 2022 in Youngstown, Ohio.Jeff Swensen / Getty Images

GOP loyalty to Trump over party dips to new low in NBC poll

Just a third of registered Republican voters call themselves a supporter of Trump over the Republican Party.


The share of Republicans who choose loyalty to former President Donald Trump over the Republican Party has dropped to its lowest level since the NBC News poll began asking about it, according to new numbers from the survey.

Just 33% of registered Republican voters in the new poll view themselves more a "supporter of Donald Trump" over the Republican Party. By comparison, 58% say they view themselves as a "supporter of the Republican Party." Just 3% say both and 4% say neither.

The share of those supporting Trump primarily is slightly below the previous low, a 34% mark from a May 2022 poll of Republican adults. Trump's loyalty among registered Republicans has been as high as 54% in the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll from late October of 2020.

And it's down from a slight bump seen in August's NBC News poll conducted just after the FBI searched Trump's Florida home amid an investigation into the mishandling of classified documents.

As that investigation (and others) continue, 56% of registered voters say the investigations into Trump should continue, while 41% say they should not. Support for continuing investigations into Trump was shared across virtually every demographic subgroup except for rural, white working class, Evangelical and Republican/conservative voters.

Overall, 34% of registered voters have a positive view of Trump, 12% have a neutral view and 54 percent have a negative view.

Forty percent of registered voters have a positive view of President Joe Biden, 11% have a neutral view and 47% have a negative view.