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GOP Rep. Spartz on committee fights: 'We cannot have anarchy'

The Indiana Rep. says keeping some Democrats from committee assignments is contributing to "an erosion of values of our republic."


Voicing opposition to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s plans to keep several Democratic members off of key House committees, Rep. Victoria Spartz, R-Ind., warned that the House is treading into "anarchy."

“It has nothing to do with who is on the other side. ... We cannot have anarchy,” Spartz said in an interview on Meet the Press NOW. “If we’re going to be a constitutional republic and if we Republicans say we aren’t going to protect the rule of law, due process, and presumption of innocence, we cannot go and do the same on the other side and then turn around and do exactly the same of what we criticize them for.” 

Spartz, who is from Ukraine and referenced her own experience living under a dictatorship, likened the current trajectory of House leadership to that of dictatorship.

"This is an erosion of values of our republic," she said. "We will become like a dictatorship and we will become no different than a lot of other countries."