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Marianne Williamson.
Marianne Williamson.Anthony Lanzilote / Bloomberg via Getty Images file

Marianne Williamson as she readies presidential bid: 'I can beat DeSantis or Trump'

Williamson, who dropped out of the 2020 presidential race before the Iowa caucuses, is announcing another bid Saturday.


Marianne Williamson is running for president again. 

The best-selling author and spiritual advisor plans to formally launch her second bid for president at a kickoff event in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. 

“I’m feeling excited,” Williamson said in a call with NBC News, during which preparations for the event could be heard in the background. 

Williamson is running as a Democrat, as she did during the 2020 election. She says she doesn’t view a potential run against a sitting president from her own party as an uphill battle. 

“I’m painted as a longshot candidate by those whose power and position are tied to keeping the status quo the status quo,” Williamson said. “The problem is that the status quo is inadequate to the task of facing the challenges in front of us today. And the status quo will not disrupt itself. It’s time for the people to step in.”

Williamson said she believes she can beat Biden for the nomination. “Even more importantly,” she added “I think I can beat DeSantis or Trump.” 

“I think we all hoped that by defeating President Trump we would be eradicating a certain level of hatred and division in our country, and clearly that’s not true,” Williamson said. “Our job now is to create a vision so positive and compelling that it will override those forces. It’s time to initiate a season of repair.”

Williamson was one of more than two dozen candidates who ran for the Democratic nomination in 2020. The non-traditional candidate built her campaign around themes of love and “big truth,” and went viral for her two colorful debate performances. 

She ended her campaign in January of 2020, before the first nominating contests.

Williamson says she is planning to campaign in New Hampshire and South Carolina this month, and will also visit East Palestine, Ohio. 

“If I present my ideas and my agenda, and Joe Biden presents his ideas and his agenda, and the primary is not rigged, and the DNC keeps their fingers off the scale, and Democratic voters chose Joe Biden, then God bless him. But the voters should be making this decision. Not the DNC. Not the Democratic establishment elite," she said.

In a voicemail following the phone call, Williamson added a final thought: “I’m not challenging Joe Biden. I’m challenging the system.”