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President Joe Biden in Springfield, Va., on Jan. 26, 2023.
President Joe Biden in Springfield, Va., on Jan. 26, 2023.Andrew Harnik / AP file

New Biden super PAC ad echoes campaign’s ‘freedom’ theme

Unite the Country's new national cable ad focuses on same-sex marriage, abortion rights and several other issues.


A pro-Joe Biden super PAC is taking to the national cable airwaves with a new minute-long advertisement casting the president as a defender of key rights it says are at stake in the next election.

Unite the Country's new spot is narrated by actress Emmy Rossum, who says the president will guarantee that same-sex marriage and abortion rights are protected, as well as “the freedom to feel safe in your community” and the ability to escape “crippling debt” from higher education or health care costs.

“The American dream is built on freedom. It’s everything Joe Biden is fighting to protect. And it’s why he’s not done yet,” Rossum says in the ad.

The spot echoes the opening message from Biden’s own campaign, which has made “freedom” its early focus rather than the president’s economic record. Unite the Country says it will begin running on national cable and digital platforms in battleground states later this month.

“As a mother of two, I want my children to grow up in a country where they have the freedom to marry whomever they want, make choices about their bodies without government intervention and live free of the fear of gun violence,” Rossum said in a statement. “President Biden is fighting every day to protect the very essence of what it means to be an American. It’s why I’ve joined with Unite the Country to reelect him in 2024.”

It’s the second ad of the 2024 election from UTC, which was the original pro-Biden super PAC, formed in 2019 by longtime allies to support his at-times uphill battle for the Democratic presidential nomination. The first was a 30-second spot running in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin focused on legislative accomplishments.

Since Biden won the nomination, a constellation of other groups have backed him as a candidate and as president, including Building Back Together, the nonprofit group which launched after he won the White House. UTC has trained its focus on a key voting demographic: working class and union voters.

Biden’s campaign has not yet officially identified a preferred outside group to support its efforts in 2024, as past campaigns have. Priorities USA and Future Forward are also expected to raise and spend millions backing Biden in his reelection effort.