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Poll: Majority of voters believe Biden acted inappropriately handling classified docs

A Justice Department special counsel is investigating after Biden aides found classified information at Biden's residence and office.


A new national Quinnipiac University poll finds 62% of registered voters believing that President Joe Biden acted inappropriately in how he handled classified documents after leaving the White House as vice president, versus 21% who say he acted appropriately.

By party, 85% of Republican voters, 64% of independents and 36% of Democrats say Biden acted inappropriately.

Asked how serious Biden’s handling of classified documents is, 41% of voters say it’s “very serious,” 32% say it’s “somewhat serious,” and a combined 22% say it’s not too serious or not serious at all. 

Earlier this month, the public learned that Biden's aides found classified material both at a Washington office he used as well as the president's Delaware residence. The administration says it's cooperating with the Justice Department, which has appointed a special counsel to investigate the situation.

The revelation came months after news that former President Donald Trump had classified information at his private residence in Florida, documents which the government ultimately received a subpoena to compel him to return.

President Biden’s overall approval rating in the Quinnipiac poll is at 38% approve, 53% disapprove among registered voters. (That’s compared with congressional Republicans at 25% approve, 65% disapprove and congressional Democrats at 36% approve, 57% disapprove). 

Biden receives his highest job rating on handling Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (46% of voters approve of his job), and he gets his lowest marks on handling the US-Mexico border (17% approve). 

The national Quinnipiac poll was conducted Jan. 11-15 of 1,659 adults (which has a margin of error of plus-minus 2.4 percentage points) and 1,466 registered voters (which has a margin of error of plus-minus 2.6 percentage points).