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Jim Clyburn
U.S. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn speaks at a gathering of South Carolina Democrats, in Columbia, S.C., on June 10, 2022.Meg Kinnard / AP file

Rep. Jim Clyburn says he intends to stay in leadership in 2023

"I'm always going to be in leadership in one capacity or another," the longtime South Carolina congressman told Meet the Press Now.


Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., the Democratic House Whip, says he intends to stay in leadership during the next Congress but added he could also operate in more of an "advisory" capacity in the future. 

“I’m always going to be in leadership in one capacity or another at this particular juncture in my life,” Clyburn told Meet the Press Now, “just what position in leadership that will be, sometimes it may be just advisory.”

Clyburn’s comments came on the same day President Joe Biden traveled to Pennsylvania for a speech touting Democratic policies and the need for unity ahead of the midterm elections while issuing a warning about threats to democracy.  

Clyburn says Democrats can feel hopeful in some uphill senate races like Ohio and North Carolina, but said the key is talking to voters on the ground.

“North Carolina is in our grasp in the Senate. Most times you feel it on the ground before you ever see it in the numbers because most of the people that you encounter as you go around the country are not people that answer the phones and participate in polling,” Clyburn said, “but you talk to these people and you can find out exactly where they are and they’re in a different place today in the last two or three weeks than they were six weeks ago."