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Sam Brown knocks ‘out of state’ celebrities coming to Nevada in Senate primary's final days

Brown's primary opponent, the Trump-endorsed Adam Laxalt, has received a raft of ex-administration officials in the state on his behalf.


Nevada Republican Sam Brown, who is running against former state Attorney General Adam Laxalt in Tuesday's GOP Senate primary, criticized his opponent's allies as "political celebrities" from “out of state.”

"Adam Laxalt has relied on political celebrities to come in and do a lot of the heavy lifting," Brown told NBC's Guad Venegas in an interview that aired on Monday's Meet The Press NOW.

"People have been burned by people who are more concerned about their Twitter followership," he said. "That doesn't deliver results for an American people who are frankly hurting."

Brown's comments come as Laxalt's allies have rallied around him in the race's final days both to campaign with him and to boost him on the airwaves. Donald Trump Jr., former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker and Ric Grenell, the former acting director of national intelligence under former President Trump — who has endorsed Laxalt — all came down to Nevada in the past week to help close the campaign.

“We are the top of the ticket and it is our job in November to excite our base and turn out our voters. We have been building on this momentum and this grassroots support since day one,” Laxalt campaign spokesman John Burke told NBC News last week. “Every event we do and every surrogate we have is part of that plan.”