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Former President Donald Trump  after speaking at a rally on Nov. 7, 2022, in Vandalia, Ohio.
Former President Donald Trump after speaking at a rally on Nov. 7 in Vandalia, Ohio.Michael Conroy / AP

Trump's super PAC has $53.4 million for his 2024 bid

Trump's Save America PAC largely funded the new super PAC, MAGA, Inc.

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MAGA, Inc., a super PAC aligned with former President Donald Trump, the Trump-aligned super PAC, has $53.4 million to spend supporting Trump's presidential bid, thanks largely to funds Trump raised himself.

The super PAC had $53.4 million had on hand as of Nov. 28, per a new fundraising report filed with the Federal Election Commission on Thursday. 

The super PAC, which launched in late September, became Trump’s main political arm. The vast majority of the $73 million the super PAC raised since it was founded through Nov. 28 came from transfers from Trump’s PAC, Save America. 

The Save America PAC has been Trump's main fundraising and political spending arm since Trump left office. But now that he's a candidate, he'll need to raise and spend money used specifically for his presidential campaign through his official campaign committee.

So while Trump can't solicit money to his new super PAC, he was allowed to send money from his Save America PAC to fill its coffers before announcing his run for president. MAGA, Inc. is run by Taylor Budowich, Trump's former spokesman and a close aide.

MAGA, Inc., spent $18.7 million, including $15 million on independent expenditures to boost Trump-backed candidates in five competitive Senate races. The group spent $3.7 million in Arizona, $3.5 million in Pennsylvania, $3.4 million in Georgia, $2.4 million in Ohio, and $2 million in Nevada. 

And now it will be able to spend to boost Trump’s presidential bid.