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MTP and Tom Brokaw Remember the Oklahoma City Bombing

In 1995, Tom Brokaw sat down with the then Governor of Oklahoma and the then Mayor of Oklahoma City the Sunday after the devastating terrorist attack.
/ Source: NBC News

In April of 1995, former NBC News Anchor Tom Brokaw spent days in Oklahoma City covering the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building that killed 168 people. To this day, it is still the worst act of domestic terrorism in America's history. The Sunday after the bombing, Brokaw appeared on 'Meet the Press' and interviewed then-Gov. Frank Keating, R-Okla., and then-Mayor Ron Norick, R-Okla.

This week, Tom Brokaw penned a piece for USA Today about his time covering the Oklahoma City bombing and what he learned from it. He wrote in part, "It was a time to show the world the healing qualities of faith, community, the rule of law, memory and a commitment to the future. And in this current atmosphere, others would do well to take note." His entire piece can be read here.